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What PPC trends do you see happening in 2019?

This year is, indeed, a perfect time to be the PPC i.e., Pay per Click marketer. The platforms and advertising AIs are evolving in a rapid manner and there are a huge amount of marketers who are evolving along with them. The device use is continuously shifting more towards voice search devices and mobile. Amazon ads and video ads have gained much significance all the time. Here is the list of some PPC trends which will definitely take place in 2019 – Human marketers might need to spin a bit – The marketers can invest their efforts and time in…

Social Media Tips for web design SMM

11 social media tips for your web design business

The task of using social media for your web design and development business is not as easy as it seems since you need to invest a lot of efforts and time for developing a powerful social media strategy and then implementing in a consistent manner. It is inevitable for you to harness the strength of social for establishing your company as a trustworthy brand. Here are some tips that might help you in the business of website design and development  – 1-Craft the profile descriptions – It is highly recommended to never underestimate the relevance of your account’s profile section….

World no tobacco day 2019 Days and Events

World No Tobacco Day – Quit Tobacco

We all know about the statutory warning ‘TOBACCO IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH.’ We have seen this health warning labels with graphic on tobacco products. But how many of us know that tobacco kills one person every 4 seconds. Imagine, in every 4 seconds someone is dying out of tobacco addiction. Tobacco consumption is the main cause of mouth and lung cancer in India. More than 1 million people die each year due to tobacco-related diseases. It is killing half of its users. To create a global awareness to fight against tobacco, the World Health Organization (WHO) every year celebrates ‘World…

graphic design relation with digital marketing Digital Marketing

How is graphic design related to digital marketing?

When it comes to Digital Marketing, its industry is undoubtedly growing in a rapid manner and is actually based upon informative content and visuals. By considering all the facets of a digital marketing plan, you can easily get a good Web Design that holds the capability of fulfilling all the marketing efforts. With the requirement of reading or viewing      images in a matter of seconds and on small screens, Graphic design undoubtedly plays a major role in getting adequate attention. It turns the ideas of a company into the realistic revelations. As a result, it becomes easy for an enterprise…

web design agency strategy for digital marketing Digital Marketing

The importance of quality web design agency in digital marketing strategy

It is not at all uncommon for companies to redesign their website after a frequent period of time for any particular reason. But one of the common mistakes committed by the businesses is that they forget to realize the importance of their website design  in their digital marketing strategy. A lot of times, the redesigned website of a company ends up being worse than the previous one. The major reason behind this failure is that only a specific element of the digital marketing strategy is focused rather than focusing on the entire strategy. Good web design agency can make a…

LinkedIn Marketing SMM

LinkedIn marketing | Grow your business

We are living in a digital space – a space where millions of people are using social media daily. For instance marketers are using social media to interact with customers through their brands. Most influential brands TCS, Wipro, HCL, Flipkart, Amazon, Oyo, and many others are expanding their reach and business on LinkedIn. Did you know 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencer’s and 40 million are in decision-making positions? 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix. This figure itself is enough to tell the popularity of LinkedIn for digital marketing. If you’re not using…

Best Website Development Programming Language Web Development

The 9 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

With the advancements and popularity in web technology, it has now become inevitable for a company to have its website that is not only visually attractive but highly functional as well. Through the process of Web development, one can easily create mobile apps, a good website, and another similar platform. One of the most important factors of Web development is web programming that is achieved through programming languages. It is important for you to learn these 9 most relevant programming languages in 2019 in order to maximize the profit of your business – JavaScript – There is a reason why…

hypertention image Days and Events

This World Hypertension Day – All Myths and Facts of Blood Pressure

This World Hypertension Day: “Slay the Common Myths & Literally Know Your Number!” This World Hypertension Day: “Slay the Common Myths & Literally Know Your Number!” You might’ve found the word “Hypertension” quite fancy but do you know it actually stands for High Blood Pressure? Yes, you read it right! Almost every third of U.S. adults have high blood pressure and in India, it has gone beyond count — perhaps you’ve seen someone in your family too. The threat of Hypertension had such a high frequency that many international non-profit organizations came forward to spread its awareness. One such foundation…

Why you need to hire a Offshore Website Development Company In India?

India is right location for the business people to find out the experience Website Development Company and this company filled with the skilled and well talented staffs to work on the current norm and condition of web development. Often they update   development site with the present ideas so it hits high traffic for customer.  Most of the folks around the globe are likely to enhance their business in online to increase their profit. In fact, there are plenty of website designing companies are available in online in which they can undertake the designing and development process within simple manner. Hence,…

Increase your B2B sales - Apex Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. Sales and Lead generation

Sales | win your B2B sales race with these tips

The word Sales for many people seems to be frustrating. While it may be true, but you cannot escape the fact that sales mean business. In other words, If you are looking to do a business you probably mean you are interested in selling. This article is all about how you could increase your B2B sales conversions and win more sales for your business. So, let me walk you through the same.   What makes Jeff benzos the world’s richest person? “Sales” Amazon’s revenue – US$ 232.887 billion (2018) (Source Wikipedia) Yes, so easy Make those figures and now you…