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Social Media Optimization

*Notification* from your favorite social media app!

That’s how it takes away all your attention and you spend endless number of hours scrolling down.

Social media today is a huge part of our life.

Every news update you get or every gossip you get involved in is initiated via social media.

Social media is a huge influence at all our lives now.

Every food menu decision you take or plan for a trip, social media has been a helping hand altogether.


Think about how many social media platforms are you currently active on?

We are sure there might be different ones serving different purposes.

But, have you ever noticed that you find same content coming from a brand on various platforms?

For example, let’s talk about your favorite celebrity.

Now it’s obvious that you are following that individual on each platform that’s possible because you don’t want to miss a single thing that’s happening in their life and also it keeps you connected to them and their daily doings!

So on each platform, the celebrity may post about their professional life or let people know on what they think on certain aspects.

Now, have you thought about why the ‘busy’ celeb would actually take efforts and time for posting thing on each platform rather than just going for one?

The nature of being a celebrity demands interaction and a lot of interaction!

Especially at today’s date when social media is so huge and where there is a possibility to have a voice all over, any celebrity would make the most of it.

The celeb-fan relationship has been going on since and now social media has brought them more closer.

So any celeb chooses to not skip any platform and tries to be on all in order to interact with the maximum audience they can.

And this is how we introduced you to the term Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization is nothing but optimizing all the social platforms at its best possible way.

It’s all about utilizing each available social platform in its correct manner.

Social Media has become so vast now and has extended its channels till such an extent that it needs to be organized and optimized well to create an impact.

Optimizing each social platform is necessary as it keeps the brand consumption by the viewers on the same track.

Social Media Optimization

This leads to a focused perception towards a brand and does not shake the thought process that’s created each time a viewer consumes the content.

For Apex, Social Media Optimization as a service is something we largely focus on. Today, only building a website isn’t enough and we believe being a little extra and outside the border line is all that counts. At Apex, we believe that social media and its various platforms help a brand to create identities according to the respective platform’s nature and help the brand to reach more potential leads. A consistent and a better performance on all platforms will let you stay connected to your desired target audience and keep the brand’s reputation constantly positive.

‘We Help Your Brand To Create A Magnetic Social Presence And Make Audience Experience Your Product At Their Fingertips’

The Golden Rules of SMO

Optimization of social media has some rules to follow. There are certain tricks and tips which make optimizing the social networks more appropriate, impactful and result oriented. Each social media platform has its own nature of working and purpose; hence it needs to be optimized accordingly.

SMO Services

The approach on each social platform has to be identical to its true sense of nature in order to connect the right audience in the right manner. Let’s get started on what should be on the top on your mind when you initiate optimizing the social media platforms!

Well, content is the reason why search began at the first place!

Content is the start, middle and the end in the process of creating and building any brand.

Right content will give birth to the right identity of your brand and help build a positive approach towards your brand.

SMO Branding

It’s important that your content speaks quality and has glue like nature. Also, the content should reflect your brand and adopt the nature of the particular social platform.

At the same time it’s necessary to keep the content lightweight and of an easy to travel nature. Heavy data content leads to loading issues of the pages which may result to increase in the bounce rate!

More user friendly content you create, more sharing takes place!

You can include topics / references of current trends or add a psychological approach in addition for a better connectivity with the reader and increase it readability rate.

Make It Worth Sharing!

The very initial idea of SMO is to spread your content all over.

Thus, it’s necessary at first to create a content that’s worth the share.

social media Branding

A content that’s true to the brand has an emotional approach and provides knowledge gains will make it travel across.

Along with that I’s important to provide link sharing options.

With Sharable content it’s also important to give your viewer an access of sharing through one button for a less effort action.

It’s beneficial if you provide them options to share your content on each social media that you are available on.

This will help improve your brand’s reach as well as visibility.

So make sure you create a content strategy that leads to a final content worth the share.

Inbound Links and Reward Engagement

Has it happened with you when reading an article and you catch an eye of an interesting headline of another article?

And then you choose to leave the current article and jump to the catchy one?

social media sharing link

This is what an inbound link is.

When a reader comes to your website through another blog / website, you can say you have had a successful inbound link.

When we talk about social media, we do experience a lot of links people add in their Bio’s or comment sections.

This is all about getting certain traffic from one platform to the other.

So when you insert a certain link of a blog or any brand’s social media account to another social platform for sharing and letting people know about it, you encourage rewards to that site.


Ever seen content online and felt to add things to make it better?

Or ever seen a blog / write up that are so good that you can’t help yourself but make it your reference?

Mashup is all about taking up and existing content and adding up your touch to it.

Mashup is all about redefining the existing content and this is how you make internet a better place.

This combination of the old content and the new content helps the reader know what the basics are with a touch of the updated language of the content.

Encouraging mashup is advisable as it makes your content reference friendly and draws a better traffic.

These are the certain basic aspects one needs to keep in mind before starting to optimize the social media platforms for the brand.


* Recent upgrades in Social Media Optimization*

Do you ever put a thought before accessing any social media platform?

Do you plan if you access instagram first or facebook?

We believe there’s no need to!

Accessing social media accounts is so easy and less time consuming.

It’s like you can actually be present everywhere at the same time unlike the real world.

That’s exactly how it goes when it comes to thinking and planning about initiating social media optimization for your brand.

social media optimization for your brand

You really don’t need to put much of a though to it and what mainly is to be done is to just get started with it.

We all know that social media presence is a very crucial thing for any brand that exists in this era of digital world.

Are you still juggling with how and where to start with the SMO for your brand?

Let us take you through the easiest route for this!

There are end numbers of social media platforms available today to access and be present on.

Get Started!

Getting started right is important.

For a brand it’s important to know who their audience is and what will be the suitable social present to develop the brand space on.

SMO for your brand

Will you be happy to see a same brand on all platforms available?

Every social network you go on, you get introduced by the same brand everywhere!

This kind of makes you irritated because there’s no need of that brand to keep on coming unnecessarily.

Hence, at first it’s important to know what platforms are apt and suitable for the nature of your brand to exist upon.

Know what’s Right!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are some of the major platforms.

These platforms have the major traffic coming and are of the most interactive nature.

It’s also important to know what the target audience of your brand is and what specific social platform those age groups of people utilize the most.

As a brand it’s also important to adapt the language of social media, keep it simple and let the attitude reflect through your account. This helps to increase the online engagement.

We get it that more social platform your brand is available on, better the reach will be.

But on the same hand, it’s important to reach the right people at the first place.

74% of Brand Marketers Saw An Increase In Website Traffic After Investing Just 6 Hours Per Week On Social Media.

Even if you start posting content regularly on social media platforms, it’s important for you to keep a knowledge of how exactly social media optimization works.

If you know how things take place in SMO, You will perform accordingly and gain better results.

The entire trick of being on social media is to know what works how and then accordingly plan / schedule your performance on the platform.

Though one cannot predict market trends but taking careful and conscious choice will help you stay for longer!

The key thing is to stay true to what your brand is and how transparent is your social identity reflecting to your desired audience.

How Social Media Optimization Works?

If you think optimizing social media is rocket science, then let us tell you that it’s not!

It has its own way of functioning and other demands but they are easy to adapt!

Be Social:

When we say be social, we do not mean about creating an online presence.

Being social is also about having a presence + interaction.

It’s important to build a network and maintain it all along on all the social networking sites.

Just a presence online won’t let your audience know about what your brand is going through.

It’s crucial to update your audiences and interact with them in order to better the relationships as well as build new ones.

social networking


When you make a social media account, it’s not the only account you need to take care of!

You need to visit other relevant accounts of your liking / competition in order to know and be aware of what’s happening around.

If you like and comment on the other pages, it will help your audience know about the things you endorse.

Also, the brand you follow and engage with will become aware of your online presence too.

This will help them know about what your brand is all about and may encourage building better online identity for your brand.


Every brand speaks something.

When you comment as a brand on any online activity apart from your brand’s page, it helps your audience to understand what the other factors you stand for are.

If you comment right on a debate, it helps people know your perspective and stand along with you!

Also, engaging through comment becomes more approachable and will help you ace the race from the brands that are comparatively inactive.

Social Media Optimization Works


When you socialize in real life, you prioritize to stay with like-minded people. Share your ideologies with and discuss things with people you think who may think alike and would also participate and encourage you.

Same goes when you are building online networks!

There are online communities that support and stand for same aspects as your brand does.

Thus, participating in such communities and being active will make your brand more visibly strong and also help you keep updated with what is right in business point of view.

Start Optimizing:

Now once you have made your brand available everywhere and generated a better visibility, it’s time you start making its use for gaining results.


Just opening social media accounts won’t help your brand to boost it’s visibility and reach / following.

It’s important to let people know.

So if you have recently come up on instagram, announce on your existing facebook page about your emergence on the other social networking platform.

In fact announce it on each existing platform, so that all are made aware about this and you gain a faster traffic / following on this new social platform you just have entered in.

Apart from announcing, also link your other social media accounts.

For example, you can insert a link in your bios.

Every brand speaks something

That’s where you insert a link of your recent blog / other activity from the other social networking platform of your brand.

Facebook has 5 million active advertisers on the platform.


The very first time when someone visits your profile, it’s the content and what your brand speaks is let them take a decision of following / not following your account.

Thus at first, it’s important to fill in the each detail of the profile.

Also try to keep your content and description short and approachable.

Some smart words or slangs makes a reader connect instantly.

Thus this will help a visitor make you follow your account as they would like to engage with your brand’s daily activities.

Also detailed information will make people trust your account availability and accessing to it will be more secured.

But in all of this process make sure you stick to your true brand identity and you do not layer any false statement just in order to gain followers.

Over 95 million photos are uploaded each day

Let the Profile Do The Talking:

Once you make social media accounts, it’s necessary to keep them updated through regular updates, relevant posts, relatable content and use of keywords, appropriate tagging and using hashtags.

It’s important to upload content that keep the existing followers interacted as well as helps you gain new followers.

Each social media platform has its own layout and feel.

It’s important to make the best use of that space and fit in your content accordingly.

Also, creating content according to the approach of that platform will help you gain better followers.

social networking platform

For Example,

The approach people visit facebook with will be different from the approach people visit their LinkedIn profiles.

So you have to make your content flexible enough that may not let any user go off the track or we would suggest you to create different content for each platform with a default theme / background / language.

Pizza is the most popular Instagrammed food, behind sushi and steak!

APEX INFOTECH INDIA PVT. LTD. holds a team of SMO experts! They know the in and outs of social media, its platforms and the rules of optimization. We currently provide SMO services to 150+ brands. The SMO squad at apex brings in the best for your brand and helps you with positive leads and ROIs.

Through the SMO features, you will obtain better website traffic; have a social media presence for your brand with social proof, gain positive brand association and get to interact with key audiences.

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Also when we are talking about optimizing social media, have you made a visit to Apex’s social platforms yet?

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Optimizing social media can either be done organically or paid.

Organically being in the process will take a lot of time and is non-confirming to its results.

Through paid optimization, things get faster and promise results!

Though social media today has made its own world and apart from these features to optimize it and make the best use, there are now ‘tools’ available in order to practice social media optimization.

social media pages

When you opt for SMO in order to make its impact on your business, using the available tools is advisable as tools are mechanized; they work according to the needs and provide you the best possible making your effort go easier.

In professional space or when optimizing the social media pages for huge brands, things cannot be taken lightly.

Things need to get done in strategic format and given explanation of each move taken.

The brand that is huge or is looking for concrete results will definitely need things in proof.

Using SMO tools will help you perform better and intact.

Let us help you with few best tools and it’s functioning to optimize social media for your business.


The availability of tools for optimizing social media for your brand is huge and varied. Since social media is such a huge market now, the emergence of its tools for better functioning and performance is very natural.



If social media was bollywood, Hootsuite would be the Sharukh khan of it.

  • 10 million + active user base across the globe.
  • Features analyzing your campaign
  • Tools for the team to manage and create campaigns with ease.
  • 7 million + downloads


  • Accurate Results
  • Highly Rated
  • Free Tools like Facebook page barometer and twitter report card
  • Customized solutions for various business sectors
  • Effective pricing
  • Huge and trusted brands as their clientele base.


  • Features scheduling of posts
  • Available for both android and iOS
  • Uploads data on instagram according to your scheduled time
  • Enables Time Management


  • Affordable price range with the best features available. (starting at $49/mo)
  • Introduces a 30 days free trial for all plans available in option.
  • Social report was the first tool ever to introduce video scheduling on instagram
  • Certified reporting tool
  • Custom filters made available

These are the best tools you can opt for when in the process of optimizing social media for your business.

You can actually start with the free trials if available or go for a initial / beginner plan in order to test and try the particular tool.

It’s important to have a right tool which is right for your business and product style.

There are various other tools available in market too that promise big things but it’s important to go for the highly rated one.

Opting for an overall common tool is necessary for security reasons as they can be trusted upon and be reliable.

Now you might put in all effort to make the best of the organic available tools and maybe opt for the paid ones too!

SMO help you in your business

It’s natural for you to think mainly how will SMO help you in your business?

Okay you might be aware of the increase in reach and possibility of better leads and rest, but you will surely want the results in figures!

SMO mainly helps you with a better online visibility and helps to maintain a great identity on the online space, which we believe is a huge step towards extending your business today!

Firstly it’s important to know why internet marketing is necessary in today’s date and it helps you to grow your business!

Let’s say if you want to expand your current business.

What will you do to take a step forward?

Apart from adopting better products and services, the next aim will be to have a larger market place.

In order to gain a larger target audience you would like to expand the business in various locations.

Now in this era when everything exists digitally, why not expand digitally?

Through internet it’s now possible to reach out to various cities of your country and not drawing any border lines here it’s now a no hard task to expand businesses overseas.

The internet is throughout; hence introducing your products and services to the world is just a click away!

“Almost overnight, the Internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must.” – Bill Schrader

Today, social media does not extinct till entertainment.

Social media and everyone’s approach towards it has changed.

Each time anyone opens a social media app is definitely introduced to some or the other ad which might or might not lead them towards the purchase.

If such a great platform is available then why not make the best use it?

In case you are still worrying about the business aspects of SMO before the investment, let us mirror you with the benefits.

“Your website should be your calling card, or your business front door.” – James Schramko

Now that we are motivated enough, let’s start with the benefits:


Well for any business, gaining constant traffic is necessary.

Since there are various social media platforms available that help you reach out to the world, increase in traffic is quite natural

Apart from SEO and Email Marketing, SMO turns out to be a faster route in order to reach people.

Also the vibe of social media is quite approachable.

SMO Traphic

A facebook page will take less efforts and time compared to the SEO tricks and will provide better results.


Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day; 6 new profiles every second. People now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day. There are 800 million Monthly Active Users on Instagram.

Social media is all about networking across the globe.

Social platform is a huge platform and you may find and connect to people from all over.

What social media optimization does is helps you to optimize each media platform according to your brand needs keeping the market trends in mind.

This actually helps your brand to connect to the right people and reach out to the right audience / viewers / consumers.


When you first made your own personal social account in the early days, did you ever have any idea that these platforms will later be a space for business?

It wouldn’t have even crossed your mind about how crazy these social media accounts have become these days.

Facebook was solely a page for making friends and chatting along.

With time you didn’t even come to know when you started experiencing ads on facebook and now are thinking to adopt this platform for your business as well.

social platforms

This is the beauty of all available social platforms; you can now do more than just networking!

Almost all social networking sites now provide space for ads / paid ads which make them a prime space when it comes to marketing a brand.


Imagine you are stuck with some query you want to know regarding your favorite brand.

Now if we remove the option of instant messaging, mail is the second option that pops out in our mind.

This would take a long process and you might lose interest in the brand as well.

Hence, Social media helps in faster connectivity and instant problem solving.


The entire purpose of creating a social account is to bring an online presence to your brand.

Hence, the more platforms your brand is available on more the people will be aware.

This helps you build an identity sooner than you think.

The trick is to maintain it.

Social media is not as peaceful and safe as it sounds.

There are negative comments and smashing that comes through the people and this may affect your brand image in seconds.

benefits of Social Media Optimization

History says that many brands have become famous overnight and many have dropped down due to social offense too.

These are the core benefits of Social Media Optimization.

Through SMO and its tools you can achieve surprising results for your brand.

The only game is to play it right and fair.

Well this is not the end to helping you with what SMO is and it’s functioning.

The millennials at APEX make social media not only cooler but a space for your brand wherein any viewer will make a visit and gain experience like never before!

- Miles Davis

When you think to upload content on your social media pages, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind apart from its quality and quantity.

There are few practices one needs to do before sharing their content or information online!

‘Share’ is the alternative to currency in online world.

Everybody aims to create content that’s magnetic.

Thus apart from good catchy lines and bold headlines, here’s what else you can add up in order to create more impact through your content.

SMO help audience


Great content is not only great words but also how helpful is it truly to your readers.

Apart from the wow factor, any additional information / fact / news will make the reader more aware and initiate sharing it.

The content should be a bit relatable to the trending topics or should play well with the human psychology. It’s important to keep the balance.

Tracking and monitoring the pattern of share people have on their existing feed will also help you understand what attracts them.

This will help you hit the nerve and you will easily create content of their will leading to more shares and reliability.


Whenever we come up with a new idea or content we think we should be sharing it immediately.

This can be done if it contains data of real time or something you feel that needs to go out to the world immediately.

If not, then we suggest a bit of experimenting and noticing the social media platforms you are active on and have a look on the time zone you find maximum people online.

Try posting different posts on different time zones and notice when do you receive the maximum interaction.

This will help you understand your audience better and their schedule of online usage.

  • For Facebook, posting between 1 pm to 4 pm is preferred.
  • For Twitter, weekends are suggested.
  • Saturday morning is a great time to upload content on Pinterest
  • LinkedIn being a professional website, just before or after work is a great time to post.
SMO Different platform


You will be aware of the term ‘Consistency is the key’.

This is something that works well on social media and counts to the max!

You need to make sure that you keep the upload pattern of your posts, consistent.

Also you win brownie points if you keep the posting pattern in terms of the design, layout, and flow constant as well.

‘HIT THE GEM’ – By this we mean different things work for different platform.

Once you crack the code of what works where and what is highly consumed and liked, it will become easier for you to create relatable content.

smo content marketing

Well good content is sharable but what is the ‘extra’ that you can provide?

You yourself might prioritize sharing an image rather than the written content.

Hence, creating relatable images / GIFs, Videos can also make your content more shareable and liked by people.

In any case if you outsource content for any reasons its kind to credit the original source.

This will help build better relations with the content creators and never will you get in trouble for plagiarism or other net practices that are against the law.

These are few things you need to practice while sharing your content online.

It’s important you stay true to your brand and also share content that holds weight.

Avoid sharing content that is layered or is filtered just because you feel this will make your content viral all over.

Now, you may think in these days of complete competition how do you make a content that is ‘seen’?

People these days highly aim for viral content.

Everybody wants their content to be seen.

Today when a brand is aware that its content can be spread across the globe and can reach out to the most massive audience, the brand would like to aim at a global level content.

Also, at the same time there is a fear of the content getting lost midway.

SMO can help you benefit in Google rankings

Since there is a lot of content available on the net, it’s possible for the material to get scattered and lose its track.

Hence the trending topics and the viral content is what wins catching the maximum attention.

Let’s take a simple example!

Whenever you access youtube, what is the most content type you watch?

Say about the videos by your favorite youtuber or interviews of your favorite celebrities.

Once you get done watching these videos or maybe prior to these, you get introduced to the trending videos of the day.

These videos are nothing but the most watched videos and now are suggested to you for the consumption.

In case if you miss watching them or ignore them, your friend / collogue will surely make you watch it in order to make you a part of the discussion or to make you aware of it simply.

Now for brands, this plays a huge part.

Viral content = Maximum attention.

Every brand would hence like to create such content that would make everybody know about the brand and make them aware.

Now this might excite you, and you may jump into creating and starting the process for making your content go viral, but there are certain things you need to be aware of.

Firstly it’s essential to do the research.

Research and monitor about why the viral content is viral today.

Observe what is common between them and what makes it the most liked and shareable.

Imagine you are scrolling through your social media account.

 importance of Social Media Profile

What is that one post or shared content that will make you stop scrolling?

Something that’s factual, emotional, motivational, something that you can relate to at personal level, posts about the current trends, news.

These are the basic aspects that will make you go for reading/watching content.

Now, what is it that will make you share it or like it or what will initiate you to comment on that content?

Something that you gain from the content or you know you can easily become a part of because you have enough knowledge on the following that will help you be a part of it.

Thus to have an entire detailed idea on what makes content go viral is necessary and hence take steps forward.

Here are some techniques to make your content go viral on social media.


In order to keep the world aware of your brand, the initial step is to feed them every day.

Updating your audience regularly is one of the ways to stay on the feed each day and hit their subconscious.

You can let your audience know about the updates of your brand each day or the process of the brand due to which they will become more aware of it and feel a part of the process.

optimization of social media


If your social media pages talk only regarding the brand then it makes things monotonous and when we have to provide things for consumption, one has to step ahead of lines and revolve around.

Social media platforms are great for this!

What we are saying is to take a step ahead and experiment.

When you make strategies to create posts for social media, you can also think of adding content that leans towards a reader’s psychology.

facebook from business point of view

Therefore, posts that include motivational quotes or factual content or minimal graphics will make the reader’s mind more aware and this is how you become a magnetic space for the viewer.

Make sure such posts reflect your brand maybe through a brand logo or other relatable elements.

This is how the world will come to know that your brand is the source through which they consume qualitative content and this will lead to having potential and promising leads.


When we talk of a renowned brand, what do you think makes them that big?

Say about the trust people have in it or the unending promised services the brand has been delivering since its emergence.

Thus you can take support of these brands by making them a part of your blog.


You can mention huge brands by tagging them on your blog as well as your social media accounts.

You can also choose relevant hashtags!

This is how you will have an increase in the number of reach and your content will be seen.

Now you will think how massive can the impact be by just tagging a well known brand?

Let us tell you that the impact can be huge!


Even if you get successful in creating viral content for your brand, let us tell you that no content can be viral constantly.

Hence apart from giving importance to the process of creating viral content, it’s also important to grow your brand’s online presence and keep that impact constant.

“Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins”
– Liana Evans

Making social media a part of your brand today is profitable.

Social media and its correct optimization will make your brand reach on heights you can’t even imagine.

Thus when you have to plan digital marketing agenda’s for your brand, social media is a must!

Through social media optimization, it becomes clear for you to know what is required and what can you provide as a brand.

Once these things are made aware it becomes easier for you to work accordingly and act.

While you strategize your brand’s digital presence, optimizing the social media accounts has to be the part.

Social media is all digital and hence highlighting it will be the benefit to make!

Not only eyeing on digital marketing but through making SMO a part of other strategies can also result in wonders.

brand’s digital presence, optimizing the social media

Do you know SMO can help you benefit in Google rankings as well?

You might be aware of the search engine optimization that makes you rank better on the search engine pages.

Social media optimization can also be a tool to increase your content’s ranking.

We all know that social media runs parallel to the web world.

All the content on social media is somewhere interlinked on the internet.

Thus social media is definitely going to make an impact on the content that you have on the web.

Social Media is an extensional door to visit your site.

When you introduce your content on social media, it is obvious that you will link it to your main web site.

Thus this makes social media a doorway to your main page.

This will help people redirect to your site and get introduced to your brand entirely.

So it’s important to take careful yet accurate steps when in this process.

Mindfully optimizing the social media platform will help you gain the correct audience and increase your possibility in gaining potential leads.

If SMO is done properly then your site visits can increase by approximately 30%

Correctly created back links will enable to good ranking online.

High quality backlinks equal to low bounce rate resulting to better ranking.

Also more the content that gets shared on social media, better the trust gets build amongst the readers.

This positive response on your content will help the search engines to rank your content better.

This way search engine optimization becomes of the best process to bring organic traffic to your site.

There are various tools available today apart from the organic ones which help boost generating your traffic.

The only benefit of organic gains is that such visitors are real.

This has to be any brand’s prior aim, to achieve real followers on social media.

Now, how does social media help gain organic search results of a website?

Social media does not only stick to connecting people or being a medium of entertainment.

One has to get that through social media, one can make its best possible use and create profits.

  • Once you get successful in building and having the best engagement rate on your social media networks, you know you have won real followers. This is automatically going to bring these followers on your website as they will be curious/interested to know more about your brand.
  • If one notices positive comments and shares about your website, it generates an inclination to visit the website once in order to know what the world is talking about.
  • Constant social media updates and contests also help you gain new followers who may also have a look on your website to attain a better understanding of your brand.
Social Media Profiles

Have you ever been impressed by somebody’s social media profile?

Have you stalked anybody just because you are curious to know more of them?

What’s the first thing you see when you land on some social media profile page?

All these questions direct towards the importance of a ‘Social Media Profile’.

Now we know this isn’t that could come up easily in somebody’s mind, but let us tell you that your social media profile is the very first impression you brand puts in the digital world.

It’s the very first introduction to your brand and that’s how you shape an approach towards it.

The Importance of Profile Optimization

When you are about to set the details of your social media profiles, you know you attempt to put the best foot forward.

You try to make your profile look the best.

The best display image, right choice of words for the description, best content share, and other aspects, you try to be very conscious about filling up these spaces.

This is such because you know one gets to know you initially by the profile details.

Therefore at various platforms, one needs to optimize their profiles accordingly.

Each social platform has its own identity and functioning.

Thus the looks of profile and introduction details are organized according to the nature of the media application.

It’s important that all the content you provide on your profile page has to stick true to the nature of your brand.

It’s important to provide unfiltered images and avoid any misleading pictures.

Make sure all the contact details are appropriate in order to let people connect you.

Make the best and smartest use of the ‘Add Link’ section.

You can redirect the audience to your main site.

Keep updating the new blog links on your social media profile pages.

By these basic things, your profile itself can be so engaging.

It’s like making the best use of the available area and making the best of impression through catching people’s eyes via your profile page.


Remember, in the earlier days when you received your pocket money, how you would write down your expenses and bifurcate them in order to get a better idea of how much money goes where and why.

In the same way, when you are in the process of optimizing social media, the social media analytics can help you navigate your way.

Importance of social media analytics while optimizing the social media for business.

  • Helps to monitor your followers:
    Social media analytics helps you examine the performance and nature of your followers. Through observing you can actually get the pattern your followers have. This can help you initiate and create content that is friendlier. By knowing whom and what your followers follow apart from you can help you gain an idea of their interest and in fact help with better, new and targeted contacts.
  • Identify the effect of your posts:
    You invest a certain amount of cost when you invest in social media for your business purpose. There are various paid options on social media that help you perform better. Through analytics you can examine how much effect does your every single post has. You are made available out the reach your each post has, the location where most of your content gets consumed, it also helps you with the number of reads and access people have done to your post and of course about the likes/dislikes and the number of shares.
  • Better ROI:
    Once you invest in social media tools, optimizing these platforms gets easier and better. The better we make use of these platforms we know profits are on its way! Thus Google analytics supports and encourages the better optimization of social media not only performance wise but also revenue wise. Google analytics also helps you with exact figures you make and from where. This helps you aware of the accounts and takes decision accordingly.
optimizing these platforms

What Get’s Measured, Get’s Managed.
- Peter Drucker

Thus Google analytics definitely plays an important role while optimizing social media.

In fact bringing you in the reality, let us tell you that no aspect that contributes to the process is any lesser than other.

We believe anything small or big contributes somewhere leading to better results only.

The only thing that should be kept in mind is the utilization and optimization of these various social media aspects should be done wise and in an appropriate manner.

We believe the world of social media is unpredictable!

Things on the digital platform can go wrong or unexpected even when done correctly.

Thus to conclude things is a bit tricky.

We think everything here is co-dependable and co-exists.

Now for example, you might use the best social media strategies and tools but being practical we know that it partly also depends on the users.

Now in this case, the users are humans!

Hence the visitors do play an important role during the optimization process of social media.

This again brings us back to basics.

What we mean is to keep human psychology in mind before initiating each step.

The primary factor is to have a constant and an active interaction.

Constant approach and communication with the visitors/followers/subscribers will keep them hitched to your content.

This does not solely aim to gain loyal followers but also keep a constant incoming traffic.

To gain customers you need potential leads at first.

To even go a step back for this one should know their target audience.

You actually never lose a visitor, you only gain one!

Why Your Social Media accounts shouldn’t die:

You might have experienced this that you follow certain accounts and they tend to be active initially.

They provide you with great content and information and succeed in having all your attention.

Then suddenly you notice a decline in their social media interaction.

This sometimes also leads to zero activity ahead.

What happens then?

You lose interest in them and probably some other social media account becomes your new source of consumption.

This is a brand’s biggest fear!

A brand has to make sure to be constantly active on social media.

Sometimes brands initiate and try to get in on all the social media platforms but lack in constant updation.

It’s important to maintain the brand’s identity on the social platforms through constant updates and postings.

This sometimes can be tricky and a huge task but the show must go on.

Active interaction with the visitors and subscribers will keep the relatonship intact and you as a brand will get an idea about what your visitors are in need of.

This will help you understand your audience better and then create content accordingly.

Each social media platform has different types of audiences coming.

Thus it’s also important to adopt the nature accordingly and keep your social profiles in the same zone as of the audiences.

This will help the audiences to have a clear picture of who you are as a brand leading to an inclination towards your brand.

Social media users grew by 202 million by April 2019

Social media is no more in its experiment form.

Things aren’t new anymore!

Today social world has become global and how.

There are literal businesses that run on these platforms.

social world has become global

Thus one needs to take social media seriously especially when your business is associated with it and the wonders social media can do to your business should not be overlooked.

An active profile can bring unimaginable difference!

An active profile is the initial step and then rest of the process follows.

It’s not just about the visitors and subscribers but to also think about the leads for you better business.

Now when you get a step ahead and change your focus to the business perspective, here’s how SMO will help you at level 1.

Know What You Can Provide:

Social media platforms are available for your brand, but it’s on you to know about which platforms suit the best for your brand.

It’s better to have a targeted audience rather than blindly striking to all.

Once you have set your targeted audience then it becomes easier for you to pick the right social platforms for promoting your brand.

It won’t make any sense of making any lesser use of the right platform.

Hence it’s also important to put up the right form of content on the selected social platform.

Your content can be in any form be it written content / videos / graphics etc.

It’s important for you to be aware of what and how well can you provide things to your audience / followers.

Create out of the box content:

You not only need leads, but quality leads!

Hence to aim for such it’s important to attract such by creating content of the relevant type.

More engaging your content gets, higher are the chances for people to like it.

Your content should hold the power of making people stick to it.

Once you get the nerve of your audience, it gets easier to be in the process and create things further that promise results.

SMO quality leads

Stay worth it:

When somebody gets to know you, it’s important for you to let them know you are worth it and where you stand.

If people see your confidence as a brand they will definitely make a contribution.

Nobody can just invest in anything they are not sure about.

For constant engagement it’s necessary for you to provide such material to people which is worth sticking by.

This isn’t only about the initial stage where we are asking you to be all glitters to gain the attention.

It’s necessary to shine through for long.

'Constant' is the word.

The Give and Take Approach:

Leads are nothing but people that are interested in your brand.

Thus you have to keep things fair when dealing with them.

As a brand you should follow certain social etiquettes.

Try to promote social causes and avoid any misleading information.

Social media is a like a plain canvas and it gets built the way you paint it.

Thus making the right use of platform and always standing for what’s right and promoting what’s needed will let people know what you speak as a brand keeping their trust in you constant.

Since we are talking it all about social media, we think we should also talk about the specific social media platforms (majorly used) and let you take around those platforms to give you a practical idea of the digital world.

Platforms like facebook, youtube, instagram are the most consumed platforms at today’s date and are at priority at every viewers list.

So as a brand it’s important to target such platforms in order to build the brand identity at the very right platforms.

Though today being on social media is not just about creating an account and posting daily.

Things have taken place beyond and it’s good to be aware of certain work strategies of these platforms.

Facebook and its Marketing Practices:

Today when you login to your facebook account, you observe things more than what your friends are sharing on the platform.

Facebook as a social media platform has the strongest pillars.

Till date, facebook has constantly updated itself according to the changing times, user’s approach and variable market trends.

This makes facebook become every brand’s primary choice.

Here are few marketing practices for facebook from business point of view:

SMO market trends
  • Facebook Videos:

    Your entire facebook feed is nothing but videos.

    Facebook’s CEO, Mark has publicly said that videos will be the most consumed content in near future.

    Well we see that coming, mark!

    Videos are a lot better form of communicating your ideas.

    They are comparatively easier than written content as well when we talk about content consumption.

    Thus try to adapt this new feature and make creative videos that speak for your brand.

  • Facebook videos earn 135% more reach than posts with only an image.

  • Facebook post that have a character limit under 40 characters receive 86% more posts than others.
  • Try to add questions in your posts. Question posts generate double comment rates leading to higher engagement.
  • For better marketing arrange the data of your user demographics.
  • Monitor the consumption pattern of your audience. Create and schedule your posts/ads accordingly.
  • 90% of social media users have gone to a network to communicate directly with a brand at some point in their lifetime. Make sure you engage well with your customers and enable instant approach.

These are the basic marketing practices one can adopt for better performance as a brand on the platform.

Since the platform has been updating itself from time to time, we would suggest you to stay updated with the changes it makes and adopt the new features try make the most of it and engage your audience by the best possible means.

After Facebook, let’s jump in to the other major consumed platform i.e. Youtube and know what are the ideal ways to upload content on the platform.

Youtube and its optimization:

Youtube is an appropriate social media platform.

Youtube gives creators a chance to create the content of their own willing without any restrictions.

This leads to a great experience for the viewers because each content is so unique and of its own kind.

Though there are no limits to the content creation here, there are various ways that can help you get better at uploading a video that’s beyond than just uploading.

YouTube is becoming much more than an entertainment destination.
-Chad Hurley

Do you know? Even to upload a video on youtube there are certain ways to follow for better results.

Here are the ideal ways one should keep in mind to upload Youtube videos.

Targeted Keywords:

Guess what? Just like you aim at adding keywords in your written content, keywords do wonders in video content too.

To begin with,

Adding a target keyword to your video file name can make a difference too!

As youtube cannot see the video in order to find if the keyword is relevant or no, it’s safe enough to insert the target keyword by renaming the video file.

The other space to insert the keyword is in the video title.

In order to search a respective video, you will try and write the best relatable words to get the desired results.

For example if you are interested in watching a video related to baking, the possible words you will type in your search bar are:
‘Best and easy ways to bake a chocolate cake’
‘How to make an eggless cake’
‘4 types of decorations for a birthday cake’

SMO desired results

Now here, ‘cake’ can become you easily target keyword.

To have those words included in your video title will make it capable enough to be searched better and faster.

Though it’s not necessary to entirely focus on this, but adding a keyword naturally to the title will help your video with a better ranking.

The other thing to keep in mind along with this is to have your title name short.

Video Description Optimization:

Video description is the space below the video wherein the creator can describe the video’s content through text.

One can also tag others or share related links in the video description box.

The trick part here is that the word limit given here is 1000 characters.

Though not that this is less because the audience mainly focuses on the audio-visual information.

SMO audio visual information

The initial description is visible by only the first 1-2 lines and a viewer has to click the ‘show more’ button in order to read more.
Thus having a specific and short video description makes the readers know what the video has to provide.

Also adding the relevant information through links will also make your content more reliable.

Make it more than just a video:

Well a video content is easier to gain information from.

Also from a creators point of view video content is a good space to narrate the ideas one has in their mind.

Now, if you are aiming to create an audio-visual content the main thing you will aim at is making the best possible content.

But along with a good quality video it’s also important to focus on other little details of it which will help your video rank better.

For example categorizing your video can be a great option to opt for.

Once the upload is done through the advanced settings you can categorize your video content into the relevant space.

This will feed your video in the specific search areas making it easier to be found.

The other thing that can be done is adding subtitles to your video.

Subtitles make a huge difference and have a huge impact on the audience.

SMO good quality

In fact subtitle solely can be a reason one might incline towards your content due to language issues.

Apart from these little aspects if you are willing to look and work at the major ones, then you can make use of the best available tools.

There are tools available that help you measure the data.

Such as you can know how many people click the ad.

How many people watch the video and for how long

You can also analyze which type of content is watched more and also from which location.

These are the default optimization levels of your youtube content.

Here’s a link to our blog on:

*7 best ways to optimize youtube at today’s date*

The optimization of each social media platform is tricky

SMO tools available

Different platforms are made for different purpose and they serve different target audience as well.

The new available tools though have made the job easier.

Now after having a brief look at how facebook and youtube ideally work and how their optimization takes place, let’s come to the application that’s most used amongst the young age group


It might occur in your mind if instagram is an appropriate platform for business.

Like is instagram even taken seriously?

Well instagram has changed the entire game today!

1 billion people use Instagram every month

Out of which more than 500 million people use the platform each day.

Now this is a huge base to have in order to market your brand.

Wouldn’t you want people to know your brand and make a purchase within a click?

Well, instagram has made this possible now.

As a user you might have noticed about how instagram is no more just a picture sharing platform.

The so called ‘influencers’ have now taken a step ahead and initiate endorsing big brands.

Not only this, the brands have now brought themselves on this platform and have brought marketing to a whole new level.

Thus the emergence of more brands has made this platform super competitive.

Now instagram has come up with different algorithms and keeps it changing according to the need of an hour.

SMO Social Sharing

Therefore it’s important to make a mark and stand out on instagram

Here are our experimental tips to help you excel on instagram as a brand profile:

These are few simple things to guide you for making your instagram account a better source to contribute towards your brand and the business.

  • Make the first impression:
    Instagram is all about pictures!
    Thus having an impactful profile is what you need to aim at.
  • You can aim at having a color palette for the entire feed.
  • Having your brand logo as the display image will make your audience identify your page instantly.
  • Keeping your profile as business profile i.e. open to all will let end number of audiences to experience your page, content and products/services.
  • Later comes the secondary level that includes tagging, geo tagging, post timings, scheduling the post, etc.
  • Tagging and Hashtag is nothing but producing an alternative text for the image.
  • So when you upload a picture, using the trending relatable hashtags will give maximum reach to your pictures which will bring people to your profile.
  • Tagging relevant people/pages in the picture will increase your audience.
SMO scheduling the post
  • Geo tagging is all about mentioning the locations. This is an alternative wherein if somebody searches out for locations and catch an eye to your post.
  • Posting constantly (daily) is one of the important factors one should keep in mind.
  • Instagram keeps updating the app via adding additional features like stories, highlights, edits in stories, changes in the layouts. One also needs to focus on the changing aspects and adapt the new options to avoid the lack of ‘updation’.

There are many such features of which one should be aware of in order to lead the instagram world. Instagram by far is the most utilized platform for both the user and the content creator.

Did you make an easy connect to the information provided?

Would like to know more about the optimization of instagram in depth?

Here’s the link to our blog that speaks for itself and won’t leave you with any questions in mind!


Got Something To Sell? Instagram is Your Door!

Social media was introduced to the world years ago but it has kicked of the way nobody could imagine.

Social media is now an extensional part of us!

Social media platforms have now taken over the world and do have the power to bring a difference.

It’s more than just a networking space now as it has got its own voice.

Social media is all about leveling up.

Each year a new application comes up that blows up your mind with its functioning.

SMO best networking

We at Apex have made it possible to adapt the rapid changing nature of the digital media and upgrade ourselves too.

We started off with services like PPC and slowly started adapting other services like SEO Services SEO, SMO, SEM, along with its emergence in India.

Our team makes it all possible.

The work culture and the discipline to carry forward each step through the hierarchal process makes the work flow easy and balanced.

We make sure to use each resource available and bring out the best results for our clients.

Social media platforms like facebook and linkedIn help us generate leads for the clients.

Other platforms like instagram, youtube sand for the brands we take charge of and help us create an identity for lifetime.

Let Apex make you believe in possibilities and take your brand forward to the global platform to bring impact like never before!