How much does Apex Charge for website design ?

How much does Apex Charge for website design

Website design is similar to a blank canvas sheet with Apex possessing all the colours, paintbrushes and other essential tools to make your website a masterpiece. Regardless of what well-known philosophers write in their thesis about looks doesn’t matter, it is no hidden fact that aesthetics and decorous presentation of any particular commodity or object is a must. Especially when it comes to your business, it is one’s pivotal responsibility that every aspect and facet should be one of a kind. The website of any company is a reflection of what it has for a person who is interested in your establishment, and this is the only time where you can take optimum advantage of their seeking.

Before diving into the cost aspect, let’s comprehend the features involved into a website design project :

  • Domain name – Domain is the identity of any company’s presence on the internet platform. There are various suffixes available in the market (.com, .in, .org, etc) and Apex aids you into identifying the one most suitable for you.
  • SSL Certificate – This a certificate of authenticity to give credibility to your website and make users feel secure while browsing on your website.
  • Website Hosting – After purchasing a domain name, the next step is to procure digital space on the internet. In technical terms, it is called website hosting. Apex browses through myriad of providers to offer you the best available price.
  • Style or Theme – Apex excels in creative situations and this is no exception. We provide out-of-the-box potential themes for the client to choose.
  • Responsive Design - Our website design agency believes in making our service available for and ready for any queries or technical issues. Being responsive helps to bridge the communication gap and provide the necessary aid.
  • Website Pages – Every website needs multiple pages so that customers can easily navigate through your website to find the desirable product or service.
  • Interactive Media – Long gone are the days of static photographs on a website. Interactive media includes videos, GIFs, etc which are known to engage the customers.
  • Content Management System – Content is the king. Apex aids you into creating, organizing, editing and publishing content.
  • Ecommerce Functionality – These are the essential features for any e-commerce company and includes functions like identifying promo-codes.
  • Database Integration – Database Integration allows your website to collect and edit content on your website with the help of the data accumulated from the customers.

Website Design costs are mainly classified under these 3 broad categories:

wave apex Static Website for Small Business

Small businesses often look for value-for-money and that is precisely why Apex has made a special category for them. These static website will allow customers to visit your website and view your offers and services to augment your revenue. Even though the customers might not be able to place their orders on your website, they will be provided with the company’s email and contact information to increase your potential customer base.

Apex offers this service in the range of Rs-X to Rs-Y, as per the requirements of the client.

black hat seo E-commerce Website

Any e-commerce website needs to have thousands of customers on their page in order to sustain in this brutally competitive market. Customers are meant to purchase their product on the spot and hence the website needs to be responsive enough to fulfil this basic need without crashing. Apex is known to create website which can handle millions of customers at any given point of time.

Apex offers this service in the range of Rs-X to Rs-Y, as per the requirements of the client.

black hat seo Database Driven Website

Data is paramount when it comes to online interaction. Apex builds website that accumulates data from the customers and provides insights to make amends on the website to aid any company achieve their primary goal.

Apex offers this service in the range of Rs-X to Rs-Y, as per the requirements of the client.

Apex performs 2 major roles while ensuring the success of your website:

black hat seo Website Design

The moment you choose Apex for designing your website, we believe more in delivering rather than just hyperbolizing about how great we are. The primary and utmost concentration is to provide actual and visible results. According to a study, more than 90 percent of individuals decline to put their faith in a company because of poor and unpleasant web design. We make sure that doesn’t happen with us, and for that, simple yet attractive templates and designs are made with Rainmakerfx to increase the number of your leads. After you select the template and design that is best suited for your company and website, we provide you with a project manager who will be completely dedicated to your designing. After asking a few details about how you want to do your branding, your website is all set to go for new leads.

black hat seo Support and Maintenance

Most companies part ways after the initial launch of the website. Fortunately, Apex is not like most companies. Our job is not only to deliver the website to you, but also to ensure its smooth functioning. Our Web Design Agency will provide full support to make sure you are able to obtain the desired results from the website.

Trust Apex for a successful website design!