Are you ready to dive into Digital Marketing

Are you ready to dive into Digital Marketing
  • Are you having a lot of questions already?
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  • All your questions will be answered right here.

wave apex What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing
When the digital world joins hands with marketing tools, that is where the love story begins.

This story crosses all the borders as it knows all the methods to win over people's hearts.

Let US help you dive in the digital world because that's what we are for, right?

wave apex What do we as Digital Marketers do?

What do we as Digital Marketers do
Clueless about what we do?

We as digital Marketers help you with all your needs, from A to Z! Right from your website designing to your desired ROIs. From planning your strategies to monitoring your performance, we are the ones who help you grab the ladder of your success.

  • Do you want to grab the ladder of your success?
  • Yes!
  • Then the first steps towards it is to know your

wave apex Objective towards digital marketing

You won't believe but 99% of people who use digital marketing are the ones who

  • want to spread awareness,
  • attract the right target audience
  • and convert them into potential clients.

All these will lead into making of different strategies to help your business move ahead.

It's as easy as being at too many places, while operating from a single interface via different channels.

But you may ask how is it beneficial to market by being at too many places from a single interface?

wave apex How does one benefit from digital marketing or rather why is digital marketing so important?

  • In today's era it has become necessary to be on toes about the trends and patterns of the fast-changing world.
  • Digital marketing is the medium that bridges the gap between you and your desired audience.
  • It is your journey towards the end goal of achieving the desired results.
  • You get a choice to select your targeted audience, your channels of marketing, and also to use your USPs cost effectively and measurably.
  • Not only do you get a personalized channel of handling your marketing but there are other benefits to!
  • Reach to places while operating from one place
  • Using digital media is going to help you connect with people on a personal level, which will help you build customer loyalty and goodwill.
  • Using digital marketing you can engage people in different types of content and help you gain social currency by becoming viral.
  • An effective way to actually convert potential leads into clients.
  • All these aspects add up potential to your business.
  • Let's add potential to your business!
  • I am starting with

wave apex The different types of Digital Marketing and How they work

We 've moved from digital products and infrastructure to digital distribution;
and Web strategy to now into more holistic transformations that clearly are based on mobile,
social media, digitization and the power of analytics,
and we think it's a new era requiring new strategies.

Saul Berman, IBM

Digital Marketing has immense techniques.

  • Keep reading and I'll explain what each technique means.
  • Each one of them plays a specific role in building all the digital marketing strategies.
  • So, let US help you with this.

wave apex SEO - Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Firstly, ask yourself apart from what you've heard about SEO, what do you know about SEO?

Then know how to use this powerful tool to create content rich website.

SEO is like the essential method to know what to optimize where.

It's the use of a non-monetary way to generate page views simply by search results.

head-wave-light SMO - Social Media Optimization

Only Optimizing your online visibility is not going to help.

You also need to optimize your website.

This happens through different social media platforms and creates publicity, leading to generating traffic on site and link sharing.

wave apex PPC - Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Clicked on an advertisement by mistake?

But what if I tell you it was there for a purpose?

Just by 'Your' unknowingly/mistakenly clicking, it has led to you become a lead, and the advertiser has only paid to the search engine for this Ad that it brought to you!

As the name defines, pay per click, it's the leads that get generated every time somebody clicks on your paid link.

wave apex Web Designing

A canvas of your website!

The simplest way to understand this is,
  • - what you first see when you land on a website?
  • - what attracts you and interests you?

Designing is like the most crucial part of a website.

The design of your website will determine how long the reader decides to stay.

wave apex Web Development

This is like an umbrella of the whole website.

It has got all covered within it!

Web development is simply known as web site development for the internet.

All your configurations, scripting everything takes place here

wave apex Lead Generation

  • You are a lead!
  • Yes, you are.
  • And I'll tell you how.

  • Just like I said you are one amongst hundreds of leads, the term lead generation is as simple as this.
  • Just like you are here on our site reading and grasping information, every website has its lead.

wave apex ORM- Online Reputation Management

If you google yourself, what do you see?

Is there any specific type of reputation that you hold?

If yes, then you'll obviously want to better it

and if not, don't worry we've got you covered.

ORM is nothing but managing and handling the reputation one holds online.

It involves a lot of monitoring of the person, business or a brand's reputation in order to remove negative indications and bringing them towards the positive side of each.

wave apex Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing isn't all about non-paid or organic traffic, it is way beyond that!

How often have you seen a pop-up ad appear on your screen while you're surfing for information? Almost daily?

That's exactly what Search engine marketing also known as SEM, is, the paid form of marketing.

So, here's is how it works

wave apex Content Marketing

Content is literally floating everywhere!

But tell us one thing, which content has kept you interested?

Hardly some, right?

That is why content marketing comes into the picture

There's literally no end to the availability of content on the internet today.

You type in just a single word, and you'll enter into such a big world.

But, in spite of all the content available hardly some content keeps you interested.

Just like the one you're reading right now.

This is called content marketing.

It is the practice to deliver a quality piece of content to achieve the end goal of generating leads and sales.

The content floats everywhere online.

You pick up a tweet, a share, a You Tube link or for your own blog too.

Content marketing works because of its mix with marketing tools like SEO and Social media marketing.

Here the only key is to keep the audience in mind while you're drafting the content.

It's like if you're talking to a baby, you know what to say!

Usage of keywords is a must here.

Content marketing is a meditative and continuous work.
And, it's not always about sales it's more about sharing, engaging and keeping the audience as close and connected to you as possible.

wave apex Social Media Marketing

It's like pulling your target audience towards you.

Give your business the attention it deserves!

Social media marketing is that tool which will give you the desired exposure towards your selected target audience in a more intimate way.
And, this is vise versa.

The audience too gets a chance to get up close to you and gives you feedbacks and reviews.
But this will only happen if you give them the desired content
or such type of content that they don't even known they were thinking about.

Every step that you take on social media will be a step towards bringing traffic to your business.

Sooo good so far!

wave apex Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Just got influenced into buying something because of an influence?
Welcome, you have official entered influencer marketing!

An Influencer is a person who is Influential on social media and has a massive social media fan following. Marketers find it best to promote their product via these people so that they can create more traffic and awareness of the brand or product.

An influencer is shown to be the person personally using the brand, product, or service with immense satisfaction, which throws a message to people that they should try it too.

Influencer marketing is new to the marketing tool, but it has its traces back to the way people promoted the brand or product they loved

If we go by the definition, according to Wikipedia,

Influencer marketing (also influence marketing or social media influencer) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media.
It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers

So, all the people you love on social media and who promote various stuffs on social media are your influencer people.

They can people from any types of backgrounds like they can be an educator, coaches, entertainers, activists etc.

Easy, is it?

wave apex Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about commission?

Oh! no no, not that commission!

Come back to the business world.

Here the advertiser gives commission to the affiliated party on conversions of sales.

To understand what is affiliate marketing you first need to know what affiliate stands for.

To affiliate means officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.

Here with every sale the affiliate earns commission.

The rate, the time, the place everything is determined by the advertiser.

These days number of various bloggers and e-commerce website use affiliate marketing.

This affiliate will represent your brand so beware what this affiliate thinks about your brand or service.

Make sure they're clear with the idea of your brand's message.

wave apex Email Marketing

Email Marketing
An email pop ups reading,

'Blah Blah brand is giving Blah Blah discount,
hurry up and grab the offer now'

This is what Email marketing is!

These mails will be sent by those brands to which you've been associated before in any possible way. This is the most common form of marketing used where you keep your audience informed and updated about the recent trends and changes about your brand.

The moment a person subscribes to you, you should know you have created a lead and the lead can become an active buyer. These emailers that are sent provide value to your customer.

wave apex Smart phone marketing

App Notification
App Notification*

'Avail this product and get a year's subscription free'.

We're a generation addicted to our smart phones all the time, from every tiny task to all bank transactions are now just a tap away.

With this, it has also become very important to know how to target the right content to the right audience via mobile phone marketing.

The marketing plan on mobile phone should be so strong that it enforces people to click the link on mobile, save it and then go to their laptop screens to watch later.

The key is to give them a good preview for them to go and watch it on big screen.

Also, all the ads that are targeted towards various audience also depend on the medium they are being targeted with.

With mobile marketing all the fonts, layout and design should be drafted accordingly for all the different mobile versions too.

Also, Rumor has it that Google will be further be integrating the ability for users to continue searches started on smartphones after they have already begun on larger devices.

For this to happen, Apex InfoTech India Pvt. Ltd. digital marketing agency and our services play a huge role - Right from building the content to developing your website to maintaining social media and monitory the all over reputation online.

wave apex Does Digital Marketing work for all businesses?

As we already said, you don't need to take much stress, read ahead and you'll find out your answer.

We should no longer be talking about 'digital marketing',
but marketing in a digital world.”

KEITH WEED, Unilever, 2015

Every business head starts digital marketing with this same question.

Will digital marketing work for my business?

And now they've already reached heights.

Digital marketing is that tool, where no matter what your business is, you always have a way to make it big. No matter what type of business you hold, these tools and techniques are applicable to all.

Whatever is your type, digital marketing has got it right. Yes, you read it right.

Every single day, 1000s of people are growing with their start ups just with the help of digital marketing.

The reason being, digital marketing holds a very personal approach and targets properly what it wants to and to whom it wants to.

Because, these days everything is ONLINE.

So, once you've got your audience right then there is no end to the traffic you'll generate.
The way you create your usual marketing strategies, the same applies here.

The difference being you get a chance to actually interact with the targeted audience with reviews and feedback.

Caution ahead!

When digital transformation is done right, it's like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly;
but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”

Principal Research Scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

wave apex What's the biggest mistake digital marketers make?

It might look as if digital marketing is a cake walk but no. You might go wrong here.

It may sound easy to read about techniques and think it's really cool to apply.

Yes, it is easy, but no its that easy.

You are confused as to where you go wrong? Let me clear it to you!


They say

Go to target! Go to Target!

and I would say they're right!

The simplest mistake you could ever make is not having enough knowledge of your target audience and ending up targeting a wrong group of people for your business.

The most important thing every is to have a true clarity of your target audience.

This is going to help you achieve the desired results.

Knowing your ideal audience will help you connect with them on a personalized level bringing you a clearer picture of what exactly the audience is expecting from you.


Setting clear digital goals is the key for succeeding.

It will not only help you move ahead but also help you evaluate the results on each step of the process.

Not having a desired goal will lead into missing leading content and messed up investment and we're sure you don't want to end up in a loophole.


How about 10 things on your table and you pick up all at the same time?

Loss of few because of failing to create balance?

This is exactly what happens when you don't follow a structured strategy.

A recent study says only 32% of B2B marketers say they follow a structured content marketing strategy.

Which means the other, more than half marketers aren't even in lead to make the right content.

It is very important to create a road map of activities that you're planning out to do.

This road map will help you create a path and will show you the proper route to carry out digital marketing strategies.

It's recommended to have 2-3 digital marketing strategies lined up depending upon the size of the digital marketing group you hold or it is advisable to hire a digital marketing agency to create a specific documented strategy for you.


"…we're making a major change to how we build Facebook. I'm changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to help you have more meaningful social interactions.”

MARK ZUCKERBERG, A post released earlier on Facebook

And it later got revealed that facebook allows fewer brands and businesses as it sees the content sharing and its fruitfulness. And it all makes sense!

Doesn't it?

Your posts should head towards meaningful interaction with the mass audience. It should educate, entertain and/or inspire people towards a better thing to look forward to.


It is very important to polish and sharpen your SEO strategy on timely basis.

Every day, every month, the algorithms of such techniques keep on changing. What seems to work today might not work tomorrow.

It is really important to make sure you are on toes with the recent strategies.
Or else you'll land making digital marketing bundlers.

Change your descriptions, meta titles, URL throughout the whole post.

Try connecting top trending topics to your current digital marketing strategy in order to use SEO aptly.


After all, who doesn't get inspired by success stories?
The best way to showcase your work excellence to the mass audience is by sharing the success stories.

By case studies you can actually see the difference because of the Re-call and Re-cognition.

If the audience doesn't know whom you have worked with and how you can be a good fit then there's no added value to your work.

Start maintaining relations with your client in order for you to show that you have loved the spotlight they gave you by choosing you.

After all who doesn't like a little appreciation?

Use these stories to encourage audience on social media, email and search engines and see your business bloom with traffic.

Once you've encouraged audience and your business blooms with traffic you then move on to creating a marketing funnel.

Now again a new term?

Haha, it isn't a new term, you are already aware of this, go have a look below.

wave apex So, what is a marketing funnel?

what is a marketing funnel

'Today, people are the most effective marketing channel of your brand'

To enter marketing might look easy but there are a lot of essential techniques you need to take into consideration.

Just like the marketing funnel. It is exactly like a funnel!
Yes, you read right.

Now let me explain how this works.

A marketing funnel is that process in which there are certain steps which are taken by the visitor before the completion of the conversion.

For example, you as a customer visit a particular website to shop online.






This whole process is what Marketing funnel actually consist of.

It is the process where the costumer completes certain steps before the actual conversion.

To fuel this, certain additional steps can be taken to complete the process. Completion of certain sign-up, or subscribing to the channel, etc.

The steps to actually converting 5% from the 100% of the traffic on your site happens through the marketing funnel.

This whole funnel is followed as:

1. Marketing Campaign
2. Spreading Awareness
3. Interest
4. Evaluation
5. Commitment
6. Sale
7. Repeat

wave apex So, how are marketing funnels beneficial for your business?

Funnel report can actually point out your loop holes of the whole marketing plan.

Like where you're losing out your customers, where you're generating leads and how you're actually converting them into sales.

It actually gives you the details of your customers who are actually your potential leads.

You can then follow up on them, maintain relations and take things ahead from they stopped.

Once the funnel is set, the data flows and you start to take out the details.

Talking about details, you should definitely be aware of the digital marketing trends which are going to make a huge difference in pulling out the details!

wave apex Here below read 7 business-critical digital marketing trends for 2019

The Last ten years of IT have been about changing the way people work
The next ten years of IT will be about transforming your business.”


We've seen trends change from time to time.

What was trending once is not even in the memory of the people or it has just become something that they related to.

Let's see a graph of how the trends have changed since the past years.

trands graph

One can clearly see, how digital media has taken its toll in the past years.

single marketing activity

Following the above given chart, every company today is asking for one such 2019 technique which is going to blow the whole market.

But, here, we're going to give you 7 business critical digital marketing trends of 2019.

wave apex 1. Content rules over anything and any one!

How often do you stick around to reading a piece of content?
Hardly some time?

That hardly 'some time' content that you read, that type of content is going to rule the market.

Every person follows a particular brand or services which intrigues them.
The type of content that always leaves the audience wanting for more.

According to a recent research 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content on a daily basis. Content marketing will generate 3 times for revenue than any other forms of marketing.

Video content marketing will play more important role when compared to Articles and blog content.

wave apex 2. Social media is the key for bringing change

According to a recent global summary, there are 4.388 billion worldwide users on the internet, having an increase in rate of 9.1% every year.

Social media is the key for bringing change

The number of social media users are 3.484 billion worldwide which increase up to 9% every year.

social meadia penetration in 2019

However, let's see the internet penetration especially in active mobile social users.

The share of web traffic by mobile device is to be noted at 52% stable since a year whereas desktop still ranks at 2nd place with 43% devices.

This shows the way how internet has already made its way into the lives of people.

global social media penetration

Now let's see the statistics of global social media penetration.

The global social media usage has increased by 9 % since January 2018.

Not only this, different age groups mingle into different social media applications.

All this surely indicates a strong message towards what the future of social media is going to look like.

internet penetration by region

wave apex 3. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the king

How many times have you had a chat with a website while surfing on the internet?

Yes exactly, that is what AI actually is.

Artificial intelligence is the way of collecting data of the users worldwide, analyzing it, applying it and learning ways to transform strategies towards the audience.

As it continues to advance it will add value to customer insights.
AI is changing the way how digital marketing takes places.

The AI experience is advancing every minute.
It has already begun its game changing towards the online shopping market.

People can now try different clothes and see how they look without actually stepping in the store on the mobile applications.

It not only drives the audience towards a better user experience but also helps predict the customer's behavior. With this it brings real-time customer support.

Chatbots have helped level up the game, as they give a human-like approach and can help solve simple issues.

wave apex 4. Video marketing

How about if I tell you, mobile video consumption increases 100% every year?

Yes, this stands true.

According to YouTube, mobile video consumption increases 100 % every year.

Video marketing is to be expected to take over the market.
Adding proper video content with emails has increased its click through rate by 200%- 300%.

A research says that 90% of the users believe watching a video has helped them make a decision.

Video marketing is not just restricted to YouTube.
This is for all the types of social media platforms.

All the product videos, behind the scenes, interviews are the highlights of the event that you want to cover and this is generating a lot of buzz leading to a larger number of business.

wave apex 5. Voice search

voice search

Alexa, play blah blah song. Tell me honestly, how many times have we done this?
Siri Tell me what is the current score to today's match?

Believe it or not, in this digital era we do not want to read paragraphs but a simple audio describing what we're looking out does wonders.
This is exactly what the future looks like.

Voice content plays an important role in providing all the relevant information through a voice medium.

Artificial intelligence is getting way advance in terms of providing what's best to the users.

wavw apex 6. Personalized search

Open any account on Netflix or Amazon.

It will show you content related to what you previously watched.

Every application now has a track of your choices, preferences, likes and dislikes.
This personalization towards you is adding value to your choice of applications.

Your whole search is personalized for you.

wave apex 7. Visual Search

This is new type of search engine where one can take an image, upload it and search accordingly to get more specific results.

It's like how Pinterest functions.

It's not fully though but it's like a related search.
It has though made a way for visual search by funding and channeling towards visual search.

Pinterest has now come out lenses, a new type of visual search tool that will allow users to search for similar products or pin them for other related products.

It's not only Pinterest though that has this lenses tool, Google Lens is a visual search engine that recognizes objects, products and other things via the camera,
Currently it is available on pixel phones.

It's going to a crazy ride ahead with the advancements in digital technologies.

But with this crazy ride of digital marketing,

wave apex Don't you want to make your brand name?

Don't you want to make your brand name

I mean, Yeahh, Make your brand name via Digital marketing! It already sounds so exciting, let's get to know how!

90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry;
but less than 15% are executing a digital strategy.

Your business has the potential to become a brand.
So, why not do everything to convert it into a brand?

Google specifically loves brands, as they have the capability to promise and stand by their words.
From exceptional customer satisfaction to supreme quality of the product.

If your business has all of this to offer, why not go dive deep into the world of digital marketing and come forward leading the market?

Let's get you started with your brand's digital marketing.
To start with your brand's digital marketing, you first need to understand what your brand stands for.

Building a brand is long and on-going process.

Once you've understood what your brand is the next follows.

wave apex 1. Build strong basics

  • - What is your brand promising to the customer?
  • - How is it different from other brands?
  • - What is your logo like?
  • - Does it clearly show what your brand stands for?
  • - Is your logo unique and memorable?
Build strong basics

Answers of all these will give a cumulative information, which will lead you to the basics of your brand.

wave apex 2. Build your website

There are 1000's of websites today, but you have to make a website that stands out in terms of web designing and development, with your rich content and easy to contact us.

You need to make sure your website is fast and responsive.
According to a research half of the traffic appearing on your website expect your site to load within 2 or less seconds.

Almost 40% of people don't wait longer and shift to another site.
Even a second of delay in response leads in decrease in conversions.

wave apex 3. Make a proper guide of your brand

This will be your guide explaining what your brand actually stands for.

  • - logo, slogans,
  • - font styles, font sizes,
  • - color palette, Video/ graphics/ Animation styles,
  • - Language, Patterns, background, message, channeling mediums,
  • - and CTA (Call to action).

wave apex 4. Develop a pro per structured plan

The most important thing to do is to develop a strategic structured plan.
Focus on our goal as to what you want to achieve and what the road map will be.

A haywire way of achieving things is only going to create a mess. This plan is going to help you with the steps ahead.

You can also hire a digital marketing agency as they specialize in these services.

wave apex 5. Go back to your customer base

Start engaging with your customers for various offers and bring awareness about your brand going digital.
Make a specific target audience you want to focus on.

It's going to one of your ideal goals to brand your business in a way that your target audience loves associating with your brands.

This will also help you build bonds with the buyers.

This customer base will further help you create your followers on social media.

wave apex 6. Create visibility of your brand's website in Search Results

Create visibility of your brand's website in Search Results

Once website is made, you'll obliviously want that it should appear in the top results page.

But for that to happen you must understand that generating organic traffic is must.
Over half of the traffic generated on the search engine page is generated organically.
And by organic meaning it excludes ads as google has its own algorithm to rank websites in the search results.

So, the more often people see your brand in various places the more likely they're to click on your website.

These clicks will show google that people recognize your brand and your website.

All these higher rankings in search engines are done with SEO.
But all this will start if only your website is user-friendly.

There are various digital marketing tools that will help you transform your business online.

wave apex 7. Create branded content

Once you know what, why, when, where and how of your brand you can start generating rich content on your website and also on blogs.

This content should be so concrete and innovative that holds your target audience in place.

This content will help you to increase your brand's awareness, build trust with your audience, will help generate leads and also into potential clients, along with this it helps you nurture existing customers.

wave apex 8. Start optimizing Social media

We all know how powerful social media has become.

Not a single day passes by where people don't engage on social media.
It has become like a major part of the marketing world.

  • - Make profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and different social media sites.
  • - Start finding your customers on social media and try connecting with them.
  • - Build your target audience stronger and use social media thoroughly.
  • - Make use of email marketing and content rich pieces of information with campaigns on social media.

wave apex 9. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

How many times have you seen a video and felt better about a brand?

The same way, video marketing will work for your brand.

Make short and crisp professional video relating to your brand.
This video should highlight and showcase the work you do.
This video should contain your brand's logo, tag line and the creative, out of the box creations of yours.
This will build trust in your target audience and will create reputation.

All these activities shouldn't look like you are promoting your business.

wave apex 10. Community engagement

How often do we ignore other active communities?
Exactly, that's one thing we shouldn't do.

It may look like it's not that rewarding but for a matter of fact it builds your brand one brick by brick.

By keeping a consistency on questioning, participating and monitoring relevant forums, blogs, communities and pages you can actually develop the reach you need.
This helps the audience to know how knowledgeable and helpful your brand is.

Note: All these activities shouldn't look like you are promoting your business.

wave apex 11. Consistency for NAP

Consistency is the key to any brand.

We all should know the importance and consistency of NAP (Name, address and phone number) across the WWW (World wide web).

The business name is usually the brand name so it's likely for a brand to maintain consistency where ever possible.

But the actually game of citations goes beyond NAP i.e. you should use descriptions.

The description of your brand should be as crisp as possible and should be consistently used where ever possible.
The description contains the company history, the retained customers, endorsements, so on. Note: You need NOT create different variations of your descriptions.

Having one consistent description is like a goal in speed. It's naturally accepted by people as they can easily re collect to you brand.

Take for example:
Apple, you don't see apple posting different brand description for itself when they launch a new product.

Simply put consistency is the key always.

Make your website as creative as possible, insert images and photos where ever the citation allows, but make sure you maintain the consistency here.

The images should be crisp, attractive and should enforce what your brand stands for.

Logo - These images should contain your logo with the same color scheme, the same size, there shouldn't be any variations in the brand's logo.

Your team - Remember, your brand is nothing without the effort of the people working for it. Show appreciation towards them and let the audience know the people behind the face of the brand. Put up pictures of actual people working with you.

Your brand's work station - Put up pictures of your work station, give your customers an idea of how your business actually looks like, the way you craft your products and services. Incorporate the brand logo in the background as this will act as a reinforcement of the brand.

wave apex 12. Online reputation marketing

In Today's world the entire population follows the word of mouth, reviews and feedbacks.
Creating good will in today's world is like making the future secure.

You will always go with the best brand because people have had the best experience with them.

*Good reputation > builds trust > Builds brand > Achieving targeted goals

This will bring in loyal customers and for any brand loyal customers are the heart of the brand.

For a successful brand to build, a strong and up-close relation with the loyal customer is a must.

A unique, personal, positive touch towards customer builds trust and makes them relate with the brand as it's their own.

This helps to tighten the grip towards the business and helps the customer to pull towards them.

Customer's response is a brand's command.
The brand-response is marketing done at its best.

This doesn't mean that a brand will only entertain positive responses, it is creating a balance between both positive and negative comments.

When you treat both responses equally it shows how engaging and receptive you are as a brand and how willing you are to care about your customers.

wave apex 13. Publish Authority content

The end goal of blogging and content marketing shouldn't be limited to just that it should also focus on link building and social engagement.

Engage your audience with topics they would be interested in and direct them to talk about it. Make sure you optimize this information.

This will build an authority in them as to they have an authority to talk with you about a topic and will build confidence in them leading to further contacts.

Use other author's bio to qualify their expertise.
Their experience, position, qualifications, achievements, etc.
Also, show which brand this author follows, their preference and presentation of that band.

This will show your receptiveness towards other brands and their capabilities.

wave apex 14. Partner with other brands

One of the easiest ways to spread awareness about your brand is to partner up with other brands.
This co-branding is like an integral part of marketing which helps to generate quick leads.

There are various types of co-branding strategies. Like Influencer, lead and functional partnership.
Each serving its own purpose.

With influencer partnership, it's like connecting with the influencer market on different platforms, where different influential people support and create awareness of your brand amongst their followers.
This creates extra publicity.
This can be done with brands too where they don't promise leads but create awareness for your brand.

Lead partners as the name suggest help you in getting leads.
Although these are the hardest to achieve but once done, they help to create direct leads and revenue.

When it comes to functional partnership, it is slightly different as you need the help of another partner to defeat your competitors.

It helps to build quality of your product and the end result of your product is far better than the previous one which leads to attracting customers quickly.

Best example of one such functional partnership is the Apple-Hermes partnership.

Partner with other brands

Seems easy? Then let's get started.

Start with a digital marketing plan

wave apex The situation analysis!

We'll make you understand what it exactly is.

A situation analysis is the brief about all the context of your digital marketing plan.
It is a detailed analysis of your business containing internal and external environmental factors.

wave apex Where does your business stand

Your internal environment analysis contains

  • Customers
  • Trends in the market
  • The current online proposition
  • Your competitors

Your external environment could contain

  • Social consideration
  • Legal considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Political consideration
  • Technological consideration

You can jot down all of these points using SWOT and PEST analysis.

SWOT is basically noting down the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of your business,

PEST is Political, economic, social and technological factors.

Also, customer life cycle plays an important role.

It is that tool that helps you look at all the products and services that customers need throughout their lives. It gives you a market-oriented view for the products and services.
Here your customer relationship matters the most.

All of these will help you bring out a detailed information on the situation of your business, how and where do you stand and how do you move forward

Once you know where you stand and have to make forward, Make a precise Digital marketing plan-

wave apex The Objectives and Strategy

A goal without an objective is like an empty vessel.

Whenever you design a digital marketing plan it always goes in hand with objectives and strategies.
For your digital marketing plan to achieve success it should have an apt approach.

Your objectives should be SMART.
Yes, you read that right!

  • S- Specific
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Achievable
  • R-Realistic
  • T-Timely

Let's give you an example for you to understand SMART.

The best example is to generate 30 leads and convert 10 into potential clients.
This is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and also timely.

Such specific objective-oriented strategies are the root of your business.

All these will also help you see how these short goals align with your long-term business goals and help you locate where your key performance is.

This will help you to keep in mind what and how your return on investment will be.
And, by return on investment doesn't necessary mean in financial terms but could also possibly mean:

  • - Improved conversion rate
  • - Higher brand awareness
  • - Greater website traffic
  • - Larger market share

The way of measuring the success of your business is a personal route depending on the target and general marketing objectives.

But your whole plan needs to look like a road-map, a journey of the customer.

objective for digital marketing

The online route should look something like this:

  • Awareness
  • Attainment
  • Adaptation

Once you are set with penning down your objectives, you should now shift your focus on the strategies you are going to use through digital marketing to achieve these goals.

This should be specific and it should define your tactics in the next steps.

Once you've followed this way you can measure performance and set the targets ahead.

  • check boxTargets set
  • check boxPerformance measured
  • check boxIncrease in sales

wave apex What should you do to make more sales from your digital marketing?

People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill.
They want a quarter-inch hole.”

Theodore Levitt

Former Harvard Business School marketing professor

After all who doesn't want to step up the ladder?
It is all about leveling up the ladder.

It is the primary goal of any business to increase its sales graph from time to time.
But as they say it is easier said than done.

Once you have already started with your digital game, there is no end to it.
It is like a vast ocean and you keep on exploring.

There are thousand of ways to reach to your destination but we'll only take those which are effective. Checkout the top ways to make more sales from your digital marketing