What are the top and most popular languages used in web development?

What are the top and most popular languages used in web development?

Having a website for a business is not a luxury anymore; it is the necessity of the hour to have a functional web presence. With the help of programming languages, one can give the required instructions to the machine and red its actions. The computer language is designed in a way that makes communication through a computer possible. There are thousands of existing computer languages and each year many new computer languages are created. Divided into two, computer programming languages are either semantics or syntax.

Below mentioned are the top and most popular languages which are used by a Web Development Company. Scroll down and check out:

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  • JavaScript: One of the most dynamic and well-known programming languages, JavaScript was developed by Netscape; it helps in accomplishing a lot of things like having a powerful control on the browser, editing published content, asynchronous communication, etc.
  • Java: Another popular language which is widely used in web development in Java. Being an object-oriented language it was created by Sun Microsystems and it is still used in making mobile games across the globe.
  • Python: Python programming language is dynamic in nature and a developer can use it for writing and running codes without needing a compiler. Major apps powered by Python include Instagram and Pinterest.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a markup language however when it is paired with HTML, the developer can decide how a website will appear to its visitors. The syntax of CSS is quite similar to HTML and XHTML and when synced together it works too well. The major impact of CSS is on font size, style, color, and overall layout.

If you are looking for a Web Development Company in Mumbai you must look for the one that can create the perfect web design for your brand by using the above programming languages.  This is not the end of the list of popular languages which are used in web development. There are many other too but out of them, the above 4 are the chosen best.