Different Types of Websites (Major Types of Website used by businesses, Types of Websites created online)

Different Types of Websites (Major Types of Website used by businesses, Types of Websites created online)

Having a website is what every business owner wants. However, not everyone understands the different type of websites. If you are thinking of hiring a Website Design Company, before everything else, you must understand the various types of websites. So that you can tell the web design company, what you are looking for. There are many different ways in which we can categorize the websites. For example, we can categorize it in terms of the content. Depending upon how dynamic the content of the website is, we can say if it is a dynamic or static website. The difference between the two is the content of the dynamic website changes time to time and in a dynamic website; we can change the content however it is mostly fixed.

We can also categorize the websites from its function. Here in this content, we will discuss the various types of websites based on the function they perform. We have selected some of the types which are majorly in use.

When it comes to the functionality of a website, there are five major types mentioned below:

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Brochure: If we categorize the websites by their functionality, the simplest type is a brochure website. When you hire a website design company, they will deliver you a brochure website with a few pages. It is mostly for smaller businesses that just need an online presence.  For example, a small business like a salon or a café will need a brochure website. They don’t need many pages.

ECommerce: An eCommerce website means a website that has online money transactions. Which means the customers will be able to pay on the website’s payment gateway for many any purchase. Multiple customers buy from such websites and it is like a market. Some of the eCommerce websites allow various vendors to sell their products on the website. For example, Amazon is an eCommerce website where various vendors have their business accounts and they sell. While customers have their buyer accounts and they can make a purchase right from the website.

Portal: A web portal is another kind of website that is based on the information. It gathers information from many different sources across the web. A web design company can make a portal for the internal use of organizations, institutes or companies.

Wiki: The best example of a wiki website is Wikipedia. It is a collective effort of people in which they collaborate and write the content together. It allows web users to make changes and amend the content written by other people.

Social media: Social media websites allow users to share their thoughts, opinions, pictures, videos, and audios on the internet. It is like socializing on the web.