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Enhancing User Experience & Driving Sales


Driven by requirements from sectors like Education and Healthcare - Real Estate is one of the pillars of Indian Economy. Expected to be a Trillion Dollar industry by 2030, a lot of factors like rise of - Nuclear families, urbanisation and household income will contribute to the growth of the sector.

With the rise of mobile phone penetration (India is home to 400mn plus smartphone users now), people want all their information on their mobile devices to start their sales journey.


realestate Challenges
Optimizing organic search ranking to beat stiff competition
realestate Challenges
Strengthening and implementing a solid social media marketing (SMM) strategy
realestate Challenges
Spearheading lead nurturing efforts to increase conversion rates

Our Approach

realestate Approach Remodelled the website to make it mobile responsive and user-friendly
Mobile marketing is the in thing. With mobiles being used a lot more than laptops and desktops due to their sheer accessibility and portability, not having a website that is also mobile-friendly is passé. We developed a mobile optimized website with a specific focus on mobile SEO to reach the target audience.
realestate Approach Lead Generation via Pay Per Click Campaigns
To ensure better conversions - we created separate landing pages : one for desktops/tablets and the other for mobile devices. The information type and depth expected by users looking for real estate services on a mobile is different than on a desktop/tablet, same strategy for all the devices does not work anymore.
realestate Approach Designed a new landing page that was both informative and minimal
Our web designers achieved the right balance of creating a landing page for paid campaigns that offered potential visitors key information while piquing their curiosity. Emphasis was put on its design - UI & UX so that the user finds the relevant information at ease and is directed towards a conversion. Landing page loading time was much lesser due to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which further enhanced user experience.
realestate Approach Used content marketing and online publishing to fuel inbound marketing efforts
Content will always remain king. Our content strategists developed various engaging, appealing, and informative content pieces in line with the best and the latest search and social media trends. Creating and putting out valuable content is also an essential aspect of any inbound marketing. We used the power and reach of authoritative content for maximum effectiveness.
realestate Approach Executed social media campaigns for multiple purposes successfully
Brand-focused social media initiatives were implemented to increase social media following. These, in turn, helped fuel signups for email subscription (mailers, offers) and to promote registrations for events (to promote walk ins). Steps were taken to enhance and transform the same social media experience into a Customer Interaction Hub.
realestate Approach Managed multiple Multichannel Marketing and Advertising campaigns, including Remarketing
We developed different platform-specific strategies and launched focused advertising campaigns on AdWords and Facebook to specifically target in-market users. Remarketing tools were adopted to implement Google and Facebook remarketing code/tag/pixel on the website to attract remarketing audiences through browser cookies. Our digital marketing experts were able to leverage this form of online advertising to show users who had already visited the site targeted ads across websites within Google’s Display Network and on Facebook.

Proof Is In The Numbers

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