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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management


Just a few years back, the way businesses maintain their reputation was different thantoday. The growing popularity of the Internet and social media has increased the needforhaving online reputation management for the success of individuals andcorporates.

online reputation management

Reputation has been a matter of concern for everyone- be it a celebrity or abusinessman.Rumors, speculations, fake content doesn't take much time to spread on the Internet.

Once it goes online and becomes viral, it is hard to control the negativeconsequences of it. Many public figures, brands, and businesses haveexperienced damage to their reputation in the past.

Aashirvaad Atta

For example, ITC Aashirvaad Atta, one of the leadingbrands inIndia, became a victim of false propaganda against it on social media sitesin2018. A malicious video was circulated, which showed that the Aashirvaadatta(wheat flour) contains plastic and not safe for consumption. The sales oftheproduct were affected in several states, following which the brand filed anFIRand released a TV advertisement explaining the ingredientsofthe Atta and claiming that Aashirvaad Atta is 100% Safe Does NOT containplastic.

Similarly, brands like Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, KFC, Mc Donald’shave received a vast amount of strange gossip about their products. Rumors like Johnson& Johnson contain asbestos in baby powder, Coca-Cola uses cocaine, KFC uses mutantchickens, Mc Donald’s uses dubious meat and fillers were targeted to damage theirreputation.

So, it's really essential to take care of your image more today than ever. What youlookand how you look is important because people judge you based on the reputation that youhold.

If your reputation is good, you appear, HERO, if not, you are more like aCRIMINAL, especially in the online world.Obviously, reputation was, reputation is, and reputation will always remain important.Businesses are able to do good business and survive because of their status.

Obviously, reputation was, reputation is, and reputation will always remain important.Businesses are able to do good business and survive because of their status.

97% of business owners say online reputation management isvital to their business. Customers search for information online to makepurchase decisions. When they see bad reviews, negative posts, and badratings,they get influence and change their purchase decisions.

When they see bad reviews, negative posts, and bad ratings, they getinfluenceand change their purchase decisions.

business owners

Businesses should understand online reputation is their image on the Internet. It needsto behandled with care.

How the city of Rome was not built in a day, similarly reputation can’t bemade in a day. It takes time, effort, and planning to build a reputation that you wantpeople to trust and respect.

You must be wondering how companies can build, protect, and fortify their onlinereputation?

The answer is - Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Yes, ORM should be part of an overall digital strategy for the success of any company,business, and brand. The reputation you hold is what makes you or breaks you. Youronlinereputation is indeed your image on the Internet.

What is Online
Reputation Management?

It is all about using specific techniques and strategies to monitor, address, respond to reviews,ratings, and customer questions acrossdifferent online platforms. It is all about crafting the right things aboutyourcompany to tell everyone - who you are and what you do.

After all, in the digital world where everyone is digitally connected, howyoulook online can have a significant impact on your growth.

strategies to monitor

When done well, online reputation management
helps to mitigate harmful content and promote positive aspects that help you look great online.

Whydo businesses care so much about online reputation management?

Believe it or not, etvery day, more than a billion searches happen in Google. People arecontinually looking for information online. Moreover, customers are looking for reviewsandratings to form an opinion about your brand, products, and services.

Nearly 3 out of 4 consumers trust a company more if the reviews are positive.

Undoubtedly, ratings and reviews have become crucial tocustomers before making final purchase decisions. The greater the number ofgoodreviews, the higher the chances of gaining their confidence and generatebusiness.

Negative, slanderous or unflattering reviews and comments can be a severeproblem for brands because it can damage the reputation.


With ORM, a company can monitor conversations that are happening onsocial networking sites- whether good or bad.

Either it’s a manufacturing or food processing companies, energy or IT firms, financialormedia organizations, they all have a reputation to uphold to their clients, theirsponsors, and the public.

Every year, we come across news about a major firm suffer a serious test to itsreputation.Some fare better than others, while others fail so poorly resulting them to losecustomer,business partners, and market share.

For example, the Cambridge Analytica Scandal in early 2018putthe reputation of Facebook under the scanner. The scandal made devastatingrevelations of data misuse over 87 million of Facebook users to influencethe2016 U.S Presidential Election. Questions were raised over Facebook’spoliciesand procedures around data privacy and protection.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The stock market value of Facebook dropped nearly $120 billion, andMarkZuckerberg lost an estimated $17 billion and also faced a huge backlash from areputationalpoint of view. Since then, Facebook has been trying to stem the damage by laying out aslewof the new policy and procedures changes to restrict access to user data.

The difference between losing and gaining business against overwhelming odds depends onhaving a good reputational strategy in place and on time. From smalltobigger companies, all are putting an ample amount of time, money, and energy to protectandbuild a positive online presence.

Your online reputation is your online identity, so make your identity powerful andcredible.

Short History Of
Online ReputationManagement

One may wonder before the internet age, how companies managed their reputation?

How businesses expanded their reach? How businesses reach out to people?

The answer is through public relations activities.

public relations

Since there were no search engines or social media, public relations activities weremostlylimited to conventional print publications, radio, television, press conference,interviewevents, and other networking campaigns.

Public relations were used to control the flow of information betweenabusiness and the public. And, to a great extent, such PR activities helped companies togrowtheir business by making it easy for them to communicate with people and shaped brandimageinto people minds. No doubt, PR was and still is, about relationships.

When the Internet arrived, the flow of information and communicationchanged dramatically.

In 1998, Google was founded for search queries. When Google came, it made thesearchso easy and convenient. People got the power to search for anything, anytime.Soon,businesses felt the need to introduced new marketing and branding opportunities.

communication changed dramatically

Over the last 15-20 years, the focus has shifted to build an onlinereputation. It is not wrong to say that every brand is entering into the world of onlinereviews and reputation management. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind intoday’sdynamic business environment.

Consumer decision making and buying process has changed.
Is it, ‘Boon or Bane’?

Unlike the past, consumers today are not a passive audience who will take anything throwntothem. Now, they are active and like to do their research work before making the finalpurchase decisions.

Don’t you want to win theirtrust and confidence?

Does it make you feel good when people Google you and come across with 5-star ratings and greatreviews?

trust and confidence

Reviews, Ratings, Responses - all contribute significantly to build an online image of acompany among the millions of people who are online. A customer sharing their experienceisworth ten times than what you write or say about yourself.

The majority of businesses are taking care of their reputation, nurturing it, and areverycautious about it. They understand that a single negative comment can do much harm totheirbusiness. Accordingly, digital marketing strategies are planned toattract positive comments.

Positive comments create a positive image; Positive image creates potential customers.Ultimately, it all contributes to the success of your business.

Why Is Online Reputation

Beware! This is a digital age, and your reputation could be at stake.

An American business tycoon, Warren Buffett famously said that areputation takes twenty years to build and five minutes to ruin. This notion is truertodaythan ever before.

Today, every customer lives online 24/7. And, it seriously matterswhatshows up when someone Googles about you and your company. If you don’t have an onlinereputation at all or you don’t appear good, you’re losing a lot of businessopportunities.

lives online

People are not only searching for you; they are also researching about you. They aretryingto figure out who you are, what you do, and how you do.

Your online reputation is determined by not only what you post orshare,but also what others post or share about you. The Internet gives people a platform toraisetheir opinions in a way they’ve never had.

But what does this have to do with online reputation?

Well, essentially, ratings and online reviews can put your business in a positive ornegative light.

Sales are driven by great customer experience, and online reviews are digitalreferrals . Positive reviews enhance the reputation and boost sales,whilenegative reviews harm the reputation and affect sales.

Do you have any control over reviews?

Yes, you do!

You need to learn about online reputation management strategies for your businessgrowth.It is insanely important to have an online reputation that works for you.

Why is online reputation management important?

It takes control of the online conversations and ensures that people find the rightinformation when they look for you on the Internet. Online reputation management isessential to increased sales, to build credibility, to build brandimage, to recruit talents, and reveal your best side.

Increase in Sales

Internet is the first-place people reach out to when they are looking forinformationabout any company, business, brand, product, and service. In fact, the Internethasbecome a popular tool for search and research.

Increase in Sales

Before making any purchasing decisions online, customers read reviews andcomments.Good reviews about you and your company would leave a good impression on their minds.

Companies with high star-ratings and reviews tend to get more business, moresales.So, it's essential to have lots of new, relevant reviews for your businessonline.

According to a Harvard Business School Working Paper, every positive ratingcausesan increase in business revenue as high as 9%. It clearlyindicatesthat online reputation management can pull extra income for the business.

Build Credibility

Build Credibility

Having customer trust is of great importance for a business to succeed. Peopletrusta company or brand with a good reputation. It is because people form theirperception based on what they see or read online from others.

When more people are saying good things about the company,ultimately, it appears trustworthy.

Build Credibility

There is no doubt, brands with a good online reputation are trusted more. It isbecause people perception depends on the opinion of the other.

Research shows 90% of people take the time to read onlinereviewsbefore visiting a business and 85% of consumers trust onlinereviews as much as personal recommendations.

A strong online reputation increases trust. It means that there is a higherchance ofcold visitors turning into prospects and customers.

A negative statement about your brand will spread much faster on the Internetthan apositive one. With online reputation management, you can turn a negative reviewtoneutral or to a positive one if addressed on time.

You can build your credibility as a brand who cares about its customers andwants toimprove the quality of the service. And, a good ORM service canhelp you connect and design your communication regarding the same.

Build a Brand Image

Build a Brand Image

Rumors, gossip, and speculation spread like wildfire on the Internet. They areknownto ruin the reputation of a brand.

Many brands have lost the trust of their customers in the past. In most cases,thismainly happens due to all the false information floating inthemarket.

Build a Brand Image

Having online reputation management can help you to deal with an online crisiseffectively. You can cut down the effect of such poisonous content on yourbrand and business.

With online reputation management, you can take timely action and immediatelypublishinformation about all the wrongdoings that are targeted toharmyour image.

Constantly monitoring the responses, reviews, and ratings online can help tobuild animage that your company desires. You can put a social media post and keep an eyeonhow your customers are reacting to the same. This will give you an idea to makethe next post, which may elicit a more positive reaction.

One can go right as well as wrong while going online. The key is to get your actstraight.

Recruiting Talents

Recruiting Talents

Tell me, who doesn’t want to work for a company with
a 5-star rating?

Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that
employees love to talk about?

In fact, many of you dreamt of being part of big corporate for your professionalaswell as personal growth.

Good reviews shared by past employees and current employees paint the picture ofthecompany’s work culture. People like to work at a company that shares the samecorevalues and beliefs as them, one that they can trust.

For example, companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Godrej, Amazon,Flipkart, to name a few, are considered as the best companies toworkfor. Reputed companies tend to attract better talents.

Did you know 69% of job seekers would decline a job offer fromacompany with reputation problems?

Recruiting Talents

There is an excessive amount of information to be found on employee reviewplatformslike Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Comparably, CareerBliss andFairygodboss, to name a few.

It’s no secret that job seekers will do their research online before applying toyourcompany or even accepting an interview call.

The company’s online reputation can be the deciding factor forthecandidate saying yes and accepting a job offer.

Ensure to have your employees review on the happier side to guide the decisionsofjob seekers. Companies that are known for leadership, great benefits, careeradvancement, and good working culture will attract the best talent. Best talentswant to work for great companies.

When better talents work for your company, they increase productivity, givebetter results, and drive more success.

Along with employee’s reviews, publish positive content in the form of successstories, case studies, and positive news articles that elevates the standard ofyourcompany.

Reveal Your Best Side

Reveal Your Best Side

Reveal Your Best Side

Many businesses have business partners to accelerate their growth. Before takinganydecision, future investors are going to look up to the Internet to know moreaboutyour business.

Every investor would want to associate themselves with abusinessthat has a good reputation. Therefore, it again becomes important for you tomaintain a good reputation online through reviews or ratings.

We can say, companies or brands with a good reputation has less risk of losing business opportunities. In today’s highly competitivebusinessenvironment, people want to work with well-reputed companies who are having agoodreputation in the market.

10 OnlineReputation

No doubt the Internet has brought huge benefits to small and large businesses. Todaycustomers can easily reach you searching for you online.

Customers look online to find out what to eat, what to buy, where to travel, where tostay,even which doctor to meet. They read comments and reviews online to make a buyingdecision.


Reviews and ratings on Google, Glassdoor even on social media such as Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn make it extremely easy to tell the world howgoodand how bad, your service is.

Online reviews are no jokes. Good or bad, every review speaks something.

Managing your online reputation has become more critical to stay ahead of yourcompetitors.

Take a look at these Ten Commandments to build a positive image. The world of onlinereputation is in a constant shift, but following these simple commandments definitelywillbenefit you and allow you to put your best foot forward.

Treat your Google page 1 as your business card

Treat your Google page 1 as your business card

googles first page

People use Google to find you.

What will happen if the words “fraud,” “scam,” “swindle” is associated with yourbrand? Admittedly, it will leave a negative impression.

In fact, businesses risk losing 22% of business when potentialcustomers find one negative article on the first page of their search results.

Every month there are more than 10.3 billion Google searches. Whensearching for news or information, 94% of people only look atthefirst page of Google results, and 64% of consumers trustsearchengine results the most.

Visitor’s traffic comes on Google’s first page, so get on thebusiness of improving your ranking on Google search.

Ensure the first page, and also the second and third page that appear in Googlesaysgood things about you. Make sure a search for your company or name doesn’t shownegative information.

Work on your SERP- search engine result pages for yourpositiveimage. Also, apply an effective SEO strategy to increase your search enginerankingand overall online presence for brand visibility.

Earn Trust and Respect

Earn Trust & Respect

Earn Trust and Respect

Earning trust and respect is hard. But, building trust doesn’t happen in avacuum.

Then, how can you make people trust and respect your company?

The best way to earn trust is to be transparent, be consistent, deliver on yourpromises, and be a problem solver.

Be consistent and provide valuable content, engage customers in two-waycommunication, host live video events, encourage user-generatedcontent, share trustworthy links, encourage users’ reviews, and actresponsibly.

Be Transparent

Be Transparent

Be Transparent

How in life, there are good and bad days. Likewise, even in business, youencountergood and bad reviews.

People appreciate transparency rather than hiding from criticism. Some mightpurposely put negative comments to defame you.

Avoiding a question related to your brand, that’s on everyone’s mind, won’t getyoutoo far. Don’t hesitate to respond to such negative comments. Be open about yourmotives and goals. It will not only show complete transparency but also enhancestrust in the company.

Discourage Negative

Discourage Negative or False Information

Discourage Negative

If you see egregious accusations about your company unreasonably with a purposetodefame you, make sure to suppress it. Show a prove to the search engine, and itwillremove it.

It is essential to maintain a good reputation. Because if wrong defaminginformationgoes viral, it would be tough to win the confidence of people again.

Monitor Customers Feedback

Monitor Customers Feedback

Whether you are a small entrepreneur or big corporate business, it is crucial toclosely monitor customers feedback posted on social media sites and otherdigitalplatforms. Because people see the feedback and rating before deciding to buyproducts or services.

The fact is, 90 % of consumers read online reviews beforevisitinga business.

If you don’t care about feedback, don’t expect them to care about your servicesorproducts. Keep an eye on the quality of service you provide to the customer.Customer satisfaction is an essential factor that helps you stand out of thecompetition.

Monitor Customers Feedback

For example, when customers share their story how using your products their lifetransforms, it gives a reason to others to trust your products and services withconfidence.

Good or bad, keep an eye on customers feedback. Don’t get hesitant or ignore toanswer negative customers’ reviews promptly. Assure them you’ve considered thecomment, and that necessary measures will be taken to improvise things.

For example, a prompt and simple “We are aware of the problem. We are working onitand will get back to you as soon as possible.” is better than a late reply or noreply.

Attack Your Illegitimate Critics

Attack Your Illegitimate Critics

Malicious criticism and envious troll are unpleasant and bitter. Any comment thatismade to harm the company and its reputation needs to deal with seriousness. Ifpeople are damaging your brand’s reputation using false information, then takelegalaction against them.

Attack Your Illegitimate Critics

If you don’t sue them for their malicious intent, they might do it again to harmyou.Instead of ignoring, sometimes we have to fight illegal behaviour.

For example, in 2009, Domino’s Pizza employees who posted disgusting video ofthemselves playing with food were fired and arrested.

Similarly, Food ordering giant Zomato in 2018 fired itsdeliveryboy after a video of the person eating out of boxed orders went viral.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

If you want to stay alert on what your customers, the media, and others aresayingabout you, then use Google Alerts.

Google Alerts

It is a free service that makes it easy for you to sign up through your standardGoogle account. Simply put the words that you want Google to notify you.

When someone mentions your brand and industry, it will automatically alert youwithan email, and you will be able to respond accordingly.

Do a Manual Search Online for Yourself

Do a Manual Search Online for Yourself

The best way towards managing your reputation is first to check online what isbeingsaid about you and your business.

Search for your name, your business, and other information. See what comes up insocial media, forums, review sites, and other digital platforms. It will makeyouaware and prompt you to take the necessary measures on time.

Learn from Mistakes
Learn from Mistakes

Learn from Mistakes

We all make mistakes. What is important is to learn from mistakes, not to repeatit.

Be courageous to accept the fault and solve the problem as soon as possible.Betteryou learn lessons from past mistakes to avoid such circumstances in the future.

Seek Professional Help

If you feel your online reputation management efforts are inefficient to protectorrestore brand reputation, then you should turn to professionals for guidance andhelp.

Hiring the best reputation management company can save you a lot of time andmoney.They are the professionals, and they are the expert. They can monitor, control,andsuppress harmful or defamatory information online for you at its best.

Why Are Online Reviews
Important To
Local Business?

Today consumers are increasingly relying on online resources for their purchasedecisions.

Whether it is about selecting a new smartphone or deciding what restaurant to eat at,onlinereviews can provide the key tipping point towards choosing a business.

Nothing is more important to consumers today than seeing positive reviews about yourcompany,products, or services online.

97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

Consumers trust online reviews. And, they take reviews as a referral or recommendations.

Consumers trust online reviews

For example, you are searching for a local doctor in your area, and three doctors show upinGoogle Maps, one has 5-star ratings, one has 2-star ratings, and the other has noreviews atall.

Who are you going to contact first?

Probably like most people, the doctor with the 5-star ratings. The example illustrateshowimportant reviews are.

Do you want to build customers trust and improve your online business reputation?

Then better start paying attention to reviews and ratings.

The feedback customers leave online for your business and brand can dramatically affectyouronline reputation. What people are saying about the quality of your business can eithermakeor break you.

high rating and positive review

Reviews and ratings are now considered so important that major search engines review andrankeach business higher and lower in their search results based on overall rating score.

With all scams out there these days, a high rating and positive review give a sense ofpeaceand confirmation that they are making the right decision. Having only a few reviews ornoneat all can even be perceived negatively.

So, the more positive reviews and ratings local businesses have, the higher they arelikelyto appear in search results. And of course, the more positive ratings and reviews alocalbusiness have, the more trustworthy they appear.

online reviews are essential

6 Reasons why online reviews are essential for your local businesses.

  • 1

    Create social proofs to drive purchases

  • 2

    Lead to increased revenue

  • 3

    Make your brand more visible

  • 4

    Make your brand more trustworthy

  • 5

    Helps customer in the decision-making process

  • 6

    Expand conversations about the brand

So, what is the opportunity?

Today business owners are losing money.

This is because right now, virtually every business on the planet, including yours isignoring this one very important part of their business.

They are ignoring something that is in high demand by customers across almost everyindustry.

And that is catering to customers reviews online. A recent survey found less than 2% ofbusinesses respond to five-star reviews. Think about it for a minute.


These are paying customers who were thrilled with the service. Then went online and leftthehighest rating possible. And the businesses ignored the rating by not replying.

On the Internet, everyone looks up reviews online for companies before hiring them orcallingthem.

For example, on TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook places millions of buyers are online reading ratings and reviews. But most businesses do notreplyto their customer's feedback.

It's time to change bad behaviour and need to think out of the box to create newbusinessopportunities.

For example, you can create a short video featuring the best customer reviews. Then youcanrank this video on page one of Google and YouTube. And, that is how you start todominatethe search results. With this simple strategy, one can increase traffic,leads, and customers.

The crazy thing

Understand the immense power of just merely putting together a video showing off yourbestreviews. This idea pretty much guarantees that everyone looking upreviews on your business will become your customer. Because if someone is referred toyouand looks up your reviews, they probably want to hire you.

You need to make sure you are the best choice for them. You will never get a customereasierthan someone looking up your reviews.

And that is why this is so effective. The crazy thing is no onefocuses onthese things.

You have to turn this around for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Look at the importance of digital marketing, social media, and video, which is only goingtoincrease. So, make sure every single person looking up reviews on your company only seeyourbest reviews making it obvious they need to use you, hire you, contactyou, or book an appointment.

Think about the lifetime value of just one new customer in the course of business withyou

How you can legally steal traffic and customers from your competitors. Then you can turnthistraffic into new prospects to generate leads and sales for your business.

How To Monitor
Online Reviews

The Internet is the home of "digital word of mouth." Today, customers are all connectedsharing experiences every second in review sites and social media. Their feedbackdefinesyour brand and influence people perception.What you are online is what you are to most people?

What you are online is what you are to mostpeople?

Reviews or comments – either positive or negative, establish proof foryourbrand.

Your customers, your followers, your associates are your social proof. Their onlinereviewsare like referring you to others.

how to monitor online reviews

Do you have any idea what your customers are saying about your brand?

If you’re hoping not knowing will not make much difference. Then you’re completely wrong.Well, knowing makes all the difference between competing and quickly driving yourbusiness.

Do you know how to monitor onlinereviews?

Reviews are game changers. That's why you have to monitor what customers are saying,goodorbad. While a positive review adds value, a negative review can domoreharm.

Monitoring online reviews is essential to protect your reputation.

Let's know eight ways to monitor online reviews. They are easy, and they areresult-oriented. If implemented correctly, they can reduce customer’sdissatisfaction rate and improve overall brand reputation. Once youmanage online reviews, the process won't seem so chaotic.

Google My Business

Monitor Review Sites

Monitor Review Sites

Keep an eye on reviews sites related to your business industry. There aredifferent reviews sites such as Google My Business, Facebook,Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yelp, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, Foursquare,Angie’s list, and many others. Read all these reviews to knowwhat people are saying about you.

All in all, reviews help companies understand their performance and providethem an opportunity to improve themselves.

Google Alerts

Setup Google Alerts

Those who want to stay alert on any content relevant to their business needs,Google Alerts is a great tool that allows monitoring what people are saying.

Setup Google Alerts

Setup Google Alerts by putting the words that you want Google to notify you.You can set up alerts for your name, your business’s name, your competitor’sname.

Anytime when new content is published online containing keywords that youchoose, Google will notify you. It is an excellent tool for monitoringreviews and maintaining a vigilant eye on the competition.

With Google Alerts, it is easy to catch and resolve negative reviews andacknowledge and engage back with a positive response.

online presence

Monitor your Social Media Accounts

Although review sites are important, they aren’t the only place thatcustomers are talking about you online. In fact, your online presence iseverywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, and the listcould go on.

Monitor your Social Media Accounts

More and more customers are taking their experiences and complaints to socialmedia. It can do two things, either winning over customers’ friends orkeeping them away.

Monitoring your social media accounts is a must to hear what they’ re sayingand respond to it. Check your accounts every day, even if you can’t postcontent every day. Set up email or mobile notifications to be aware of thepost as they get published. Ensure to respond to both positive and negativereviews quickly and politely.

custom hashtags

Check Other Social Media Accounts

Along with your social media accounts, keep in mind to monitor other profilesand posts. Stay on top of others’ mentions of your handles and uses of yourcustom hashtags. This will ensure that your audience is using them often andappropriately, and also that your hashtag isn’t overlapping with someoneelse.

Check your blog

Monitor Your Blog

Check your blog to find out what posts are being read more and why. Your blogis a great way to allow engagements with comments and ratings.

Monitor Your Blog

Reviews are valuable. Imagine negative comments are lying there in your blogwhich has not been responded. It will only indicate to customers that you donot bother to check your blog frequently.

No reply to negative comments creates doubt in customers minds about yourbrand quality and credibility. The lousy feedback will shed your business ina negative light.

illegal practice

Verify Your Partners

Associating with other businesses is an ideal way to promote your brand aswell as well as to increase exposure in the market. But don’t forget tocheck the reputation of your partners too.

Verify Your Partners

Are there any fraud cases against them?

Are they engage in some illegal practice?

It’s important to do background check time and again to avoid adverseconsequences in the future. You need to be aware and also prepared for anypotential danger of partnering with a business that already has aquestionable online reputation.

Reveal Your Best Side

Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Who can tell you better about your performance? Well, it is your customersand followers.

Conduct surveys or polls to get an idea of how customers are experiencingyour business, products, and services. Polls and surveys provide you an easyway to collect customer feedback and improve your service quality.

Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Don’t make survey a tedious thing that customers would like to skip. Just besure to keep your survey short and convenient but relevant.

When you do good, they appreciate you. When you go wrong, they criticize.

Don’t be scared to use surveys or polls to get an idea of how users areexperiencing your website and other online platforms of engagement. Ensureto keep your surveys short and convenient and not too frequent.

 set a new business goal

Keep track of your Competitors

Stay up to date what competitors are doing. Simple monitoring will help youto learn more about their tactics, activity, and customer engagement.

Keep track of your Competitors

You can set a new business goal by enhancing your current marketing efforts.Knowing your competitors also help you to identify your strength, weakness,threat, and opportunities.

With these simple eight strategies, your online reputation can take on a lifeof its own. You can take charge and control how your business getsrepresented online.

What Are The Main
Online Reputation

As more buyers rely on online reviews, your online reputation can seriously affectyour brand as well as your business. Your potential customers won't take amoment to change their decisions if they find bad reviews, negative posts in searchengines, review sites, or social media. That is why it is essential to monitor youronline reputation and find out ways to deal with damaging contents.

Tools Of Online Reputation

Let’s know some valuable online reputation management tools thatenable you to protect your brand image more effectively every day.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a powerful tool to alert you. It sends you notifications whennew content is added for keywords that you’ve specified. The service scans andpulls information whenever Google finds new mentions on the web.



Awario makes reputation management easy. The tool monitor what people are sayingabout your brand across social media networks and the web inreal-time. It let you respond to reviews or comments with ease.

across social media networks

It offers sentiment analysis and powerful analytics help you to spot mentionsthat require your immediate attention. It shows you the share of positive andnegative mentions of your business, letting you locate spikes you need toaddress.

Moreover, Awario helps to spot copyright infringements and findpeople stealing your content. The real power of this tool relies on itscompetitor analysis capabilities. Just create monitoring alerts for yourcompetition, and it will show what their customers are experiencing. Are theyhappy or unhappy? Customer’s comments will tell everything, andyou can learn a good lesson from your rival's mistakes.



industry specific review sites be

Reputology helps local businesses to monitor and manage their online reviews inreal time. This tool is ideal for tracking industry-specific reviewsites- be it real estate, automobile, hotel, healthcare, orfitness. It let you get automated email notifications to stay on top of newreviews.

Reputology is great for multi-location businesses that want tokeep reviews of each of their locations in one place. It lets you find out whycertain locations are doing good or not doing good, and measure your brand’soverall reputation across areas.

Fish Digital Complaint Search

Fish Digital Complaint Search

Fish Digital Complaint Search is an easy way to check the health and fitness ofyour brand. Interestingly, this online reputation management tool performssearches on over 40 websites for negative reviews of yourbusiness.

over 40 complaint

Imagine the power that you have to catch negative reviews through a simple searchover 40 complaint websites. You can take immediate action onnegative and harmful comments before they damage your online reputation.

Use this tool to make sure nothing defaming appears related to your business andbrand. It allows to remove bad reviews if they don’t reflect the reality. Withthis handy tool, you can see the reviews, understand your brand’sratings, and respond to complaints on most websites.

seo spyGlass

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is different from other tools. Because it’s not explicitly designedto track an overall reputation of brands, but it's designed to monitor andmanage your reputation through SEO. The tool helps to check yourbacklink profile and prevent spammy, low-quality links fromruining your rankings.

backlink profile

Do you agree or not that links that lead to spamming can be poisonous for youronline reputation?

This tool is focused on improvising the overall reputation of any organizationvia streamlining their website’s backlinks. It allows you toanalyze the authority of each of your links and measure the penalty risk of yourbacklinks. The tool has the most up-to-date link index in the market.

On top of that, the tool allows you to compare the link profile of any websitewith its competitors. This comparison helps you to see which aspects ofoff-page SEO you’re rocking, and which ones you need to work onto catch up.

The tool helps you to outrank the competition on search engineswith the most effective link-building techniques.

Grade us is a super easy tool to manage reviews. It provides an easy way to askand remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you.

The tool is designed to convert happy customers into reviewers andprevent unhappy customers from bad-mouthing a business inpublic.

prevent unhappy

It lets you capture and amplifies positive reviews to reach a broader audience byautomating web and social media content.

The tool is very flexible, especially for companies that want to use their whitelabel version. The tool beautifully demonstrates ROI and showreputational improvement.



Brandwatch performs in-depth brand reputation analysis and createspowerful, data-rich reports. It is known for detailed reportingthat offers a demographic analysis of the people who’re discussing your productsor services online. The demographic analysis includes gender, interests,occupation, and location.

digital marketing company

If you're searching for premium enterprise based online reputation managementtools, then this is the right tool to solve your purpose without any doubt. Incase you run a digital marketing company, its compatibilitywith digital marketing tools, including Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, and GoogleAnalytics, add value to your online reputation management services.

Brandwatch is a powerful social listening analytics platform that's a greatfit for marketing analysts at big brands and agencies.

The tool boosts your social ROI by targeting the right peoplewith pinpoint precision and give instant results.



ReviewTrackers does exactly what the name implies. It monitors online reviews ofyour business or brands across 100+ sites and encourages happycustomers to review your business.

It puts every online review in one place so you can see what consumers are sayingabout your business. The tool makes it easy to take control of your company’sreputation.

reviewTrackers aggregate

Furthermore, ReviewTrackers aggregate your customers’ feedbackand show which aspects of your business customers tend to mention the most sothat you have strong ratings and reputation anywhere consumers are searching foryour business.

You can set up email alerts to get instant notification about critical reviewsand build powerful custom reports tailored to your needs. With the use of thistool, you can take a step towards making sure your reputation keeps growing.



Visible is considered as one of the best online reputation management tools forbrands that want to stay pertinent. The tool is designed to openfeedbacks, give administration to their clients, and message in newand intriguing ways that resound with clients and help them utilize visibleintelligence to both inform and enhance their business.

This web-based social networking tool has features likelistening, tracking brand buzz, accessing consumer sentiments, and it is anall-in-one platform and interface.

Social Mention

Social Mention

Social Mention monitors the web and picks up real-time social media search andanalysis. It can monitor more than 80 social media sites, includingFacebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

social media sites

It also summarizes the customers' sentiment into positive, negative, andneutral mentions, as well as lists your top keywords, hashtags, users, andsources.

Social Mention gives overall statistics about you, with scores for strength,sentiment, passion, and reach.

Gather Up

Gather Up

As our name implies, Gather Up gathers your customer feedback, reviews, data,surveys, and everything in one place.

Any business that faces competition knows the value of five-star reviews. Themore five-star reviews you receive, the more trustworthy youappear.

five star reviews

No matter how excellent your service is, businesses find it harder to get goodreviews. People are more inclined to go online to complain rather thancompliment.

Gather Up is designed to let a business to understand customer experience throughreviews and feedback and provides a solution to online reviewmanagement.

The tool automatically requests and monitors customer feedback, prevents negativereviews, and encourages happy customers to leave online reviews acrossthe Internet.

Consumers trust online reviews

Similar Web

Similar Web provides a comprehensive analysis of any website or app. It iscreated for companies of any size and type and can be used by any company thatwants to see traffic statistics for the website.

Similar Web

It also provides you an easy way to compare your website with your competitors.It shows you insights into your industry, which indicate how well your brand isrespected within your niche. It is a useful tool that gives completeanalytics data of any specific site, such as user engagementmetrics including monthly visits, page views, bounce rate, and visit durationalong with audience interests and geographic traffic details.

business decisions

Overall, Similar Web helps to keep an eye on your complete business health so youcan track opportunities and make smarter business decisions.With this tool, you can make appropriate changes to your website to make it moreuser-friendly and to maintain a good name for your brand.

Your online reputation is everything in today’s digital world.

Those mentioned above, 12 online reputation management tools are a great way tomanage your online presence and improve your online business in a highlysustainable manner.

Apart from these, there are many other tools available online. You can choose anyof these tools based on your business needs and marketing goals.

What DoesOnline

Since more and more business is going online, online reputation management issomething that will never end.

In the dynamic digital world, there is every possibility that someone may try toattack your business due to the reason of competition, envy, andother intentions. Spammers will find out new ways to assault, an angryconsumer or ex-employee may decide to make things really ugly on you.Online reputation management is something that helps your business from sinking.

attack your business

It doesn’t matter whether you are into a small business or running a big organizationwith 5-10 thousand employees. Having positive online reputationmanagement is vital that encourages awareness, credibility, and trust.

Modern customers are always doing their research online and looking at what othersare saying. Having a poor reputation can result in a loss of relationships, a lackof opportunities, and even business failure. Companies that develop a strongreputation experience an increase in sales and revenue.

Reputation Monitoring, Reputation Repair, and Reputation Building- all are proactiveelements of reputation management.

Reputation Monitoring

Checking what people say about you online will help you maintain a goodreputation.

Reputation monitoring is a practice of keeping a vigilant track of your onlinepresence. Your online presence is everywhere on the internet. Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the list could go on.

reputation monitoring is essential

Your customers and followers are online 24/7. They see you, and theylike to hear and talk about you.

Are they talking good or bad? How are they rating you? How people commentsaffect your business?

For all these questions, reputation monitoring is essential.

Reputation monitoring is focused around, continually assessing the way you areperceived online. The monitoring can include routine evaluations of social mediaplatforms, examining search result rankings, and tracking relevant information.

Reputation Repair

Repairing your online reputation yield only positive results of yourbusiness.

Reputation repair is the act of suppressing harmful content that can damage thecompany’s reputation severely. Reputation repairing can include removing harmfulcontent in online search results and adding positive content related to yourbusiness, products, or services. The right reputation repair strategy can save youfrom many unpleasant experiences. Go through all existing reviews, making sure toflag inappropriate or spam reviews and respond to any negative feedback.

damage your reputation

Research shows that websites on the first page or results receive almost 95%of traffic.

No matter how good you’re, you cannot please everyone. There is still a possibilityto get negative comments which may come from an angry customer, follower, or hater.Maybe a competitor seed false negative reviews or articles about your company withthe only motive to damage your reputation and will leave no stoneunturned to insult you.

If you want to repair your online reputation, you must take action quickly to fixyour reputation. You should focus on deleting any harmful or defaming content.

Don’t let harmful content pollute your image. Doing these simple things helps tosuppress harmful content and push it down in Google search results.

Reputation Repair

Building your reputation makes your business appear more trustworthy.

Reputation building is the practice of creating positive content to build yourreputation. Reputation repair alone won’t develop a strong online reputation. Youneed to take an effort to create new positive and useful content that highlightsyou. Come up with the contents that define you, content that describe your businessgoals. Ask yourself, what is the image you would like to portray to people?

Reputation Repair

What is the thing you would like people to say about you?

Well, continually creating content that matches your brand can prevent negativematerials from rising to the top of Google search results.

When you create content that reflects your brand, you are building a line of defenseagainst any new negative information that may surface and affect you.

Digital Marketing Strategies
For Online Reputation

You may not be Apple or Adidas, but who you are and how you come across is reallyimportant to achieve success in your business.

important to achieve success in your business
Are you putting your best foot forward?

Maybe it is time for some digital marketing strategies so you can be in the spotlightevery day for everyone to see online.

Let’s get familiar with these digital marketing strategies towards building andmanaging a strong online reputation for our business.

Decide What You Want Your Online Reputation to Be

The first thing you need is to decide what you want your onlinereputation to be.

Do you want to be a market leader?
Do you want to be recognized for excellent service?
Do you want to be known for innovation?

Do you want to be a market leader

Take the time to do some soul searching and determine who you are and what makes upyour brand. Be clear with what kind of image you want to build because people willperceive what you want them to understand.

Check your existing Online Reputation

Check your existing Online Reputation

Make an effort to check your existing online reputation. Go online, check what peopleare talking about your company, business, products, and services. It will give youan insight into your position, performance, and preferability among the customers.

Think about what comes to people minds when they hear the name of your company. Is ita good image or a bad image?

If you know this, you can plan your online reputation management strategieseffectively for long - term success.

Enhance Your Reputation with the first page of Google

People search online for you. They simply go to Google and type your company name andsearch. Make sure the first page and a few pages that appear in Google searchresults don't reflect negative things about you.

enhance your reputation with the first page of google

Ensure negative and insulting words like 'fraud,' 'scam' are notassociated with you and your brand; otherwise, you will lose the trust before itgets to build.

The Google search result pages should tell what you want to tell others about you. Itshould generate additional traffic with high engagement.

You need to implement the SEO (search engine optimization) technique also increaseyour brand visibility and improve ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For most company’s websites, organic search is the first way people encounter a brandonline. The organic search usually comes through Google. A careful examination ofwhat shows up on the first page of Google search results is really an important stepin evaluating your online reputation.

search engine optimization

Keep yourself updated about the new SEO trends. The recent Google’s algorithm updatesuggest that the best approach is to create quality content that is useful to peopleand provide solution to their problem.

One can match people expectation by offering content that meet their desire to dosomething, know something, or become something. Make an effort to write amazingcontent consistently.

Meeting the people expectations with the most relevant search results page,businesses can develop their strong online presence.

Craft Digital strategies For Your Reputation Goals

Your online reputation is your persona. It is better that you enhance yourpersonality to leave a lasting impression on people.

Harmful, defaming, fake contents are a threat to your reputation. You need to taketimely action against such harmful materials.

Craft Digital strategies For Your Reputation Goals

In the digital world, rumors spread faster, and many a time get viral. Once wronginformation goes viral, it's hard to regain people trust and confidence.

No one would like the reputation that they have built over the years with their hardwork, get tarnished in one day by malicious content or malicious intention.

Better you use online reputation management tools to keep yourself alert aboutharmful content- in the form of reviews, comments, articles, blog, post. It willhelp you to find negative opinions before they ruin your reputation.

Reserve the right to edit or delete potentially harmful content. And, revert tonegative criticism. An impressive online reputation is all about professionalism.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Desired Reputation

Online reputation is not only about monitoring, but it also demands to design yourstatus. Take advantage of social media, which is one of the most influentialbusiness tools on the internet today.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Desired Reputation

The first benefit of social media is that it gives you big opportunity to tell yourbrand’s story to millions of people. Make a strategy to tie all your social mediaefforts to create a brand personality that you want people to perceived online.

Make an effort to be active in social media and publish relevant content that goeswell with your brand. Make sure you post often enough to gain people attention andinterest.

Your social media contents, including posts, pictures, videos should speak and sellgood things about you. You can share even your success stories, achievements, andawards. It will make you more trustworthy.

These days a lot of companies are using this trick of content to increase customerretention towards their brand. Companies are managing their online reputation acrosssocial media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, andwebsites with engaging content that provides value and solve customers’ problems. Ofcourse, this will help you with your online reputation.

Get Feedback

Try to get feedback from your clients and customers. The reputation that others holdof you in their hearts and minds is what makes your online reputation.

Ask them about your attributes and core strengths. If they can quickly tell you yourqualities, then you’ve succeeded in branding you. You can also conduct surveys oronline polls to get reviews and ratings.

Get Feedback

Make use of positive reviews and ratings as testimonials, which can be social prooffor your brand. Think innovative and run positive comments on your website andacross the social media platforms. Definitely, it will help to create brandawareness quickly.

If you don’t bother to brand yourself, someone else will surely do it. And, theoutcome might not be so favorable. Branding yourself not only keeps you current inyour field, but at the same time opens doors of opportunities, and creates a lastingimpression on potential and existing clients.

By developing your brand, you’ll have control over the initial perception people haveof you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I
Brand Myself?

Published content frequently

Well, you can make yourself a brand. You just require to do some simple things.Create relevant and engaging content in the form of pictures, video, blog, articles,and other materials. Published content frequently on social mediaplatforms where the majority of people are spending their most of the time. Beactive on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to connect with customers. The morethey see you, the more they will get to know your business.

How do you
create a good

1. Monitor your online presence

The first step towards making a good online reputation is to monitor your onlinepresence. Are people talking about you or not? And, if they do whatare they talking.

Monitor your online presence

If you don’t know what people are talking about, it’s tough to figure out which arethose areas that you need to improvise. Monitor review sites, forums, and socialmedia sites to track all kinds of conversations related to your brand, products, andservices.

2. Have an Online Review Strategy

Have a solid online review strategy to attract positive reviews and defense fornegative reviews. When people Googling your business, they also read reviews andratings.

Have an Online Review Strategy

Develop a strategy that would encourage people to share positive reviews about yourbrand. For positive reviews, be sure to thank people.

Don’t get panic over negative comments; it will come whether youlike it or not. For the negative ones, be sure to respond promptly, politely, andprofessionally.

Ensure you deliver on your promises and give customers a great experience.

3. Work with influencers with great online reputation

There are social media influencers in every industry and niche. A social mediainfluencer is a user on social media who influences others and has the power toaffect purchase decisions of others. Collaborating and connecting withright influencers in your niche can help to boost your onlinereputation.

right influencers

Working with influencers provides you three benefits. Firstly, it expands yourreach. Secondly, it gives you credibility and thirdly it helpsfor cross promotion.

Influencers can connect you to their followers through content about you or yourbrand, and people trust influencers and follow their recommendations. Nurturestrong relationships with social media influencers to reachyour target audience, build trust, and drive engagements.

4. Monitor your competitor’s online reputation and strategies

online reputation and strategies

Don’t forget to track your competitor’s online presence and reputation.Monitoring your competitors is important for two reasons. Firstly, it helps youto improve your reputation. Secondly, you can avoid a lot ofmistakes.

Look at their websites, social media profiles, ad campaigns, email marketing,media coverages. You will get familiar with their strategies and learn newthings to improvise your online reputation management for better results.

How do I clean up my online reputation?

You can have a clean online reputation by burying the bad contents with the good.It means to mitigate negative comments and come up with positive content.

First, find out what kind of damaging contents are living online against you.

Are they malicious, rumors, or speculations?

Decide on what kind of prompt action you can take to deal with such poisonouscontent. No company has the authority to remove negative materials from theInternet about them directly — contact websites when you encounter falseor vindictive reviews and request them to remove.

commitment towards solving a problem

If you come across customer complaints, don’t be hesitant to answer it. It alwaysbetter to respond rather than keeping that complaint unanswered. If you don’treply, it will only create doubt and raise questions on your credibility. Beapologetic and polite and present your side of the story. It will only reflectyour commitment towards solving a problem and fostering healthyrelationships with your customers.

In case of negative reviews and comments, deal it with cautiousness.

Never post fake reviews to hype about your business. If you are found guilty, youwill not only lose customer respect but also invite legal trouble.

What is theonline

The online reputation score is the measurement to check the overall performanceof your online presence. It is one of the best ways to know your ranking in thesearch engines. Your reputation score tells you whether your online reputationis helping you or harming you.

business or brand

Every business who are online they must check their online reputation score. Itis like your progress report card informing you about your online performance.

Knowing what and where your business or brand name stand in thesearch results is your key to protect your good name.

Individuals, companies, and corporates all are now considering online reputationscores to analyse how people perceive them online.

How do I

Check Search Engines Once a Month

1. Check Search Engines Once a Month

Believe it or not, customers are having conversations about companies on onlinereview sites, social media, and blogs. Search yourself at least once a month onsearch engines to find what people are saying about you.

Don’t search yourself only on Google. Also, check other search engines likeYahoo, Bing, AOL, to name a few.

Consider setting up an RSS feed or Google alert with the name ofyour business. You will get a notification immediately when anything associatedwith your name comes up on search engines.

2. Claim Your Business Profile

Claim Your Business Profile

There are a lot of freaks on the internet who can create a fake account usingyour name to damage your reputation. It's better to claim your businessprofile across the web and on every social media site to prevent brand identitytheft. Even if you’re not interested in using Twitter for businesspurposes, handle your Twitter account using your company name tostop the misuse of your business profile.

3. Have a Policy and Make Someone Responsible

Since gossip is always constant online, you should have a consistent process andpolicy to manage your online reputation. Regulate what customer service actionsrequire to be taken across the different digital channels and make monitoring ofthose channels a part of your company policy.

You can designate a person to take charge of monitoring online for your companymentions and also to respond to people feedback according to the company policy.Ensure the one who will be monitoring is skilled and has a strongknowledge of social networking sites.

4. Distribute Content

Distribute Content

Make sure to provide relevant content on your website, social network accounts,and other digital platforms for spreading the word about your brand. Not sharingany information may decrease the online visibility of yourbrand.

Use the power of social media and get started creating content that could beshared easily. Make sure you have an adequate amount of positive content online.

Answer questions on Quora, Twitter, and participate in anindustry-specific group discussion to promote yourself as an expert in yourindustry.

5. Use a Professional Software Solution to Help

Use professional software that provides a solution to the problem of managing anonline reputation. You can monitor, clean up your online presence as well as tomeasure your business’s performance against competitors. Conduct regularsearches on your business name to keep an eye on harmful information.

How can I improve my
personal onlinereputation?

1. Provide Excellent Customer Experiences

The best way to improve your online reputation is to take charge of providingexcellent service and experiences to your customers. Customers appreciatebusinesses that respect them and make efforts to solve their problems quickly.

Your timely response to customer’s needs, queries, reviews,ratings will make them happy.

Provide Excellent Customer Experiences

2. Fix an issue before it becomes a major problem

Even the most reputed companies receive a bad review or criticism. But, as acompany, how you address bad reviews can make the difference between creating ahappy customer or increasing the problem.

Fix an issue before it becomes a major problem

It is impossible to keep everyone happy. But, you can think of reaching out toyour angry customers is very important. Reach out to them to offer solutionsthat calm them and make them feel you care about your customers. It will givethe impression that your company keeps its customers first all thetime.

Customers are more likely to recommend a brand to their friends and family ifthey have had a positive social media experience with it.

3. Display the best that your company has to offer

Many customers go online to research and rely on reviews before deciding to dobusiness with the company. The information they receive from reviews helps themto figure out if your company is the right fit for them.

taking measures to solve the issue

What is said online, stays online forever!

Make efforts to show your best side to customers. Thank the customers for a goodreview. And, in case of a poor review, try to fix it immediately and leave aresponse that you are taking measures to solve the issue.Take every opportunity to show your good side and create a lasting impression onthe mind of customers.

Take every opportunity to show your good side and create a lasting impression onthe mind of customers.

4. Be active online

Be active in social media sites where you have your customers and followers. Postcontent that grabs customers attention and increases loyalty towards your brand.

Be active online

Keep updating your social media accounts and post regularly to create a strongonline presence and engage with your customers.

5. Build Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are the two factors that increase loyalty towards your brand.It can make or break your online reputation.

Build Trust and Credibility

Offer excellent services and deliver on your promises. Making promises and keepingthem is a great way to improve online reputation.

A happy customer would share their experiences online with others. It is more likespreading a good word about your business. Because of this, your company willearn a positive brand image that attracts new customers. How do Iprotect my online identity?

How do I
remove myself
fromInternet searches?

Delete every social media account

1. Delete every social media account

Think to remove yourself from all social networks where you created your account.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the list could go on.

To remove these accounts, you go to your account settings and look for an option toeither deactivate or delete your account.

2. Delete all other online accounts including shopping sites

Make a list of the online shopping sites and services that you’ve used for shopping,for booking and other purposes. It could be Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Make MyTrip, Airbnb with many other services sites.

You can delete the account by going to your settings, or sometimes you may need torequest the service provider. The service provider will ask for your identityverification to process further actions before making any final changes.

Remove yourself from data collection sites

3. Remove yourself from data collection sites

Some companies collect your information- from everything you do online and sell thatinformation to interested parties. Spokeo, PeopleFinder,, to name a few, are such companies that collect suchdata.

Search yourself on these data collection sites and ask each site to remove your name.Remember, if you're removed from these data collection sites, you’re mostlyremoved from Google search results, making harder people to findyou online.

4. Remove your info directly from websites

First and foremost, make sure with your cell provider or phone company are you listedonline or not. In case you’re registered online, ask them to remove your name. Tellthem the reason why you want to delete your name and they will help you.

5. Remove personal info from websites

Send a legal request to Google asking to remove all sensitive and personalinformation of yours from websites. The removal process can take some time, but youcan ensure by checking it with Google.

Remove outdated search results

6. Remove outdated search results

Remove outdated search results from the cache of Google’s servers. Submit the URL toGoogle so it can update its servers to delete the cached results and cut associationwith the page.

7. Remove your email accounts

Finally, the last step is to remove your email accounts. Make sure this one is yourlast step because your email address is required to complete the previous steps.

What Do I Do When the
Negative OnlineInformation
About Me is True?

When negative information about you is true, you can’t escape it neither you canremove it. Once it is online, it is there and will stay there.

But don’t get disappointed. There is a solution to make things right and overcome theproblem. Content strategy is your weapon to fight harmful content that damages yourreputation.

Negative Online Information

Keep publishing positive, relevant, engaging, and high-quality content such asblogs, photos, video, articles, news coverages on your websites,and social media accounts that will redefine your motives and goals.

Your content is great if it is concrete, credible, unique, emotional, entertaining,inspiring, educational, relevant, and practical.

You also need to consider the SEO strategies to make content good from an SEOperspective. Content needs SEO to improve its visibility and positionon search result pages. New positive content is the most effective tactic to dilutethe negative contents and significantly diminishing the placement of harmful contentonline.

How Can I Enhance
MyReputation Using

Supporting charity is good for business. Making your organization a sociallyresponsible and philanthropic member is a great way to develop a strong and positivereputation.

Philanthropy is all about doing good deeds to help communities and improve thequality of life. Prominent brands Apple, Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo,Coca-Cola, to name a few, are providing charitable donations to supportcommunities.

Philanthropy Improves Online Media Coverage

1. Philanthropy Improves Online Media Coverage

It has the power of attracting the attention of news organizations. Local media coverstories about companies demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility.When such stories are posted and shared online, it reflects a good image of anorganization and helps them grow stronger.

2. Philanthropy Engages Employees

Showing your sincere efforts in community support helps you to earn the respect ofemployees, clients, investors, and customers. Establishing a positive perception ofyour organization in the people minds make you not only a hero of humanity but alsoreceive appreciations and better reviews. It will also boost morale, create ahappier and more engaged workforce.

Philanthropy Is a Powerful Way to Market Your Firm

3. Philanthropy Is a Powerful Way to Market Your Firm

Companies gained a more favorable image in public through philanthropy can make theirbusiness more successful. Increasingly, philanthropy is very muchused as a form of public relations or advertising to promote the image of a companyor brand through cause-related marketing strategies.

It is a way for businesses to connect with the community on a more personal level andcreate a meaningful relationship with people. Definitely, it isvery much right thing to do to make people feel good about your business.

What is the Best
Way toUseLinkedIn as a
Reputation ManagementTool?

Although LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, it can be used as anessential tool for online reputation management. Creating a business profile onLinkedIn helps you to enhance your reputation and connect with people in thequickest and easiest ways.

LinkedIn as a Reputation Management Tool

LinkedIn has several features and includes a section where you can highlight yourawards and honors. It let you highlight your expertise, allow you to publishquality-rich content, follow a social influencer, and monitor who views yourprofile. All these features, ultimately create an opportunity for you to promoteyour company on the Internet, potentially win new business, and significantly changeyour reputation.

Do I Have to Use
SocialMedia to
Improve myReputation?

Most of your customers are active on social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, to name a few, is a favorite place where people share theirexperiences. In fact, a lot of conversations related to business and brand takesplace on social media.

Improve my Reputation

If you want to boost your online reputation, start working on your social mediaprofiles. Stay active and post content frequently. Be engaging and encourage peopleto share positive reviews.