Education Case Study

Education case study
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Gaining User Trust & Driving Leads


Apart from being home to one of the world's largest young populations (5-24 years), India also has a high demand supply gap in the Education vertical. Factors like 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and proficiency in the English language further make the country a hub for Education businesses.

India has also seen a sharp rise in e-learning segment, the second largest market in the world after the US.


education Challenges
​Highly competitive market to develop a unique identity
education Challenges
Seasonal industry - getting marketing right at key periods
education Challenges
Poor lead to final conversion ratio
education Challenges
Establishing user trust

Our Approach

education Develop a user-friendly and fast website
Almost every student and parent in the urban world relies on the internet for making a decision related to schools or other educational institutions. So your website should stand out as a credible brand. Our team of web designing and web development use various web design elements and techniques to develop a comprehensive website for your school, college, or institution.
education Excellent SEO-optimized based on audience-specific keywords
Organically grow your business on search engine and establish the prestige of your institute online. Higher ranking of your website will increase your visibility and help you find more students. We use audience-specific keywords to craft highly-relevant campaigns for all aspects of the education industry.
education Generate reader-centric educational content to drive traffic to the website
Storytelling and content marketing are crucial for all businesses in the education sector. Our team of seasoned content specialists generate unique, informative, and motivation content that engages readers, especially for students.
education Run targeted PPC campaigns to Improve online conversions and final conversions
Our team has mastered Google ads. Using our rich experience and expertise, we help education business generate more leads and boost conversion rate. Our cost-effective Google ad campaigns will convert prospective students into enrolled students.
span education LMS design and development for next-gen learning in real-time
Learning Management System (LMS) is extensively used to support the current on-the-go learning environment.​ ​We have in-depth domain expertise and technical know-how to can create an innovative LMS that helps deliver training programs to learners on the go.
education Establish the clients' business on renowned social media platforms
Our SMM experts create professional profiles on all leading social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram. Our team actively manages all your business on all social media platforms and strives for healthy communication with students, parents, or others alike.

Proof Is In The Numbers

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