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Reducing Cost per Acquisition and Driving Sales


India is one of the fastest growing markets for E-commerce globally mainly triggered by signals like rise in smartphone & internet penetration. Segments like Fashion and Electronics have dominated the sales so far but segments like fintech, education, home furnishings etc are catching up really fast.

Thanks to the initiatives taken by the Govt, making payments online has become a lot secure - giving relief to both the consumers as well as the brands selling their products/services online, this too has contributed in the growth of the sector.


ecommerce Challenges
High cost of acquisition
ecommerce Challenges
Poor Customer lifetime value
ecommerce Challenges
Scaling up revenues
ecommerce Challenges
Strong dependency on Online Marketplaces

Our Approach

Create a Cross Device Strategy
User journey these days is not limited to just one device, it starts on a smartphone and sometimes ends on another device like a desktop or a tablet. It is important to keep the user flow in mind while designing the strategy. Users expect different kind and quantity of information on these devices. Keeping this in check, we devise landing pages and optimize paid campaigns to bring incremental cross device conversions.
​Run targeted paid campaigns
No matter which products or services one is offering, we have the expertise to create and manage paid campaigns like - Shopping, Search, Display, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Affiliate ads etc all aimed at driving more transactions and revenue.
Used content marketing to get the website rank top SERPs
Every smart shopper tends to search for reviews on the web before actually making a purchase. We took up the search keywords with high search volume, low competition, and helped the site to rank on them. With the keywords, we got the blogs written for website so that all the user queries are answered in websites blog section itself.
​Influencer marketing to promote new products
Word of mouth plays a pivotal role in kicking off a new range of products or services. On the basis of client requirements, we partner with top influencers and collaborators for maximum impact. We have a deep network of influencers across all categories, so whatever your goals are - we have them covered.

Proof Is In The Numbers

  • Upto %
    Cost Per Acquisition Down by
  • +
    No. of Transactions
  • Upto X
    Revenue Up by