Are you ready to dive into Digital Marketing

Are you ready to dive into Digital Marketing

head-wave-img What Will be the Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

Sare Jahan se Accha, Hindustan hamara
Digital India

One of the fastest developing countries in the world

" holding a population of 1,365,737,300

" ranking number 2

" is equivalent to 17.74% of the world's population.

A widespread of land

" of 2,973,190 km2 (1,147,955 square miles)

" holds an area population density of 460 per km2 (1,192 people per mi2). Ample of opportunities are created every minute here!

Pretty huge right? Just imagine the power of such a hugely populated land!

And when talking about digital marketing and its future scope there's no end to it, it is only going to lead to in getting brighter days in the years ahead.

The shift of Indian users from a desktop to everything mobile savvy is a noticeable fact.

  • Not only the youngsters or teenagers but also parents and grand parents have gotten comfortable with going digital.
  • Mothers these days just click on YouTube to find a new recipe and there are no complains towards it.
  • Fathers have started saving their times for banking transactions and have shifted to an online approach.
  • Youngsters these days have started their own start ups and are exceeding it with digital marketing.
  • Teenagers are getting first hand experience of the digitalized future.

Businesses have boomed because of the digital wave.
And here are

wave apex The top 10 reasons showing the bright scope of digital marketing in India

wave apex 1. Momentous changes in traditional marketing

You must have noticed that the mediums of advertising and marketing have changed since the past decades.

All the businesses which once used the traditional way of marketing through banners, print medium etc. have now gradually started to channel it through digital marketing.

People are more associated to what they see on their fingertips.

Businesses have now made the whole point of view so strong in terms of fulfilling their customers needs that it has become the highest point of priority.

For example:
The real estate agency, it used to market their mostly through print media, banners, hoardings etc. and now they are also preferring digital platforms.

So, there's a shift of marketing tools from traditional to digital.
And we are clearly able to see the difference and the effect on traditional marketing.

wave apex 2. Digital is the game now!

digital is the game now

Agree or not, it is the game. And you cannot afford to lack in this game.
Either you lead or you let others lead you.

Every individual you meet has at least one account on one type of social media.

Digital media has not only brought time management but has also brought in ease in the whole process of the functioning of the business.

It has brought in a wide range of economical, powerful and contemporary mechanisms and channels in marketing.

Every type of service is also now available online.

Digital has become like the driving force of business. There isn't one business which isn't online. EVERY ONE IS ONLINE.

So, you might already understand how the game is still changing daily.

Who would have thought you could buy clothes online?

You could order your spectacles online after actually trying options of how they look on you and that too online?

Crazy right?

wave apex 3. Government's digital India backs up

I dream of a digital India where Knowledge is strength and empowers the people"

" Narendra Modi

The idea of transforming the entire system of public services through IT, government launched a project called The Digital India programme.

The cenral vision behind making such a programme was to transform India into a digitally empowered society, aware of facts and figures and spread of knowledge.

The government's e-market place has also seen a steady growth in its rise of e-marketplace.

And there's no harm in agreeing to the fact that people are still getting comfortable with this technological transformation.

And, if government is also lending a helping hand towards a better future, then why not grab it?

Having a back-end support of the country's government is the best thing to ask for.

wave apex 4. Stepping in and creating impression in global markets

Go Digital, Go Global

Yes, and it stands true. The web is large platform where you can connect to any one and anywhere.

Primarily through digital platforms, it's no longer a task to make connections to people sitting in different areas of the world.

There are so many companies in India who are working on the clients of other countries like USA, UK, Singapore etc. via operating from India.

And, with this, India has made its impression in the global markets already.

In fact, countries like USA also prefer to have Indian Digital marketing companies/agencies to carry out their digital tasks.

To cut it short, India has already made its buzz in the digital world and a lot of it is happening in the digital space about which majority of people are unaware about, but the search is still on.

wave apex 5. Digital marketing the next bright career!

There are n number of institutions that are bringing up the digital marketing courses and in a very practical approach, and the classes are available both online and offline preference.

There are a lot of top institutions who are incorporating digital marketing in their syllabus and making a proper curriculum.

Even digital agencies have started their own digital schools and academy where they teach digital marketing to students.

This is exactly like how demand and supply works.

The more the demand the more supply should be there, and now when every business is going online, the scope of digital marketing and marketers is all the way up.

wave apex 6. Even the smallest towns are now going digital!

Modern cities were digital from the start but, it's now that the fire of digital world is spreading to the smaller cities too.

And, in fact, it has more scope of development then the metro cities.

Many startups have invested in the small towns and are now actually getting their global reach.

There are 1000 examples of startups in small towns hitting big! And this is going to be the future.

wave apex 7. Reasonable

Let's be real. A practical approach to this solves almost all problems.

Comparing it to different forms of marketing platforms, digital marketing is one of the most affordable media platforms to promote your product.

Like it was in the history where you would spend thousands and lakhs on getting an ad on the newspaper and in return you would hardly get anything in hand.

But here, it has become so easy. It is a small investment, significant return, broad base of clients, and also real-time work conversions and sales too.

wave apex 8. Elevation in engagement rate

Of course, the rate of engaging with the audience is high as almost everyone is available online.

The higher the reach, the higher is the engagement with them.

With the earlier methods of marketing there wasn't any platform where a brand could actually engage with its audience.

People need quality in everything, right from updating them to getting entertained.

So, digital marketers are the ones who make such type of content for a higher engagement rate.

The online food service always keeps on sending you notifications and keeps on posting things social media to keep you engaged.

So, the core point is, if you're creative then you can actually engage your audience.

wave apex 9. Increase in the number of internet users

increase in the number of internet users

The current stats have shown a really clear picture of how the internet usage has increased than the previous years.

People using the internet in 2017 were 337.77 million which has gone up to 407.11 million in 2019 and it will only be doubled in the future.

And this is indeed possible by seeing the rate at which the country is heading towards growth in all terms and fields; people will be hugely dependent on the internet.

wave apex 10. Revenues from digital classifieds to rise

revenues from digital classifieds to rise

It has been predicted that by the year 2020 the revenue generated from digital classifieds is going to shoot up to 23 billion.

Almost every business is expected to get doubled resulted revenues by 2020. And it is really important for every business to understand the importance of this.

Not only business but also candidates who, are looking for a fruitful career should start marching towards digital marketing.

The scope of digital marketing is going to get more extensive and influential in the near future.

And one has to keep a track of the changing dynamics on a daily basis.

So, if today as a digital marketer you'll sense a change may be tomorrow, you can make it change.

You can actually implement in a way that actually makes the change happen.

So, indeed it's the right time to go digital!

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