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Extensions used while running Ads Digital Marketing

With Google Ads extension increase your Ad campaigns conversions

Hello everyone! We are back at it, In this blog, we have explained how ad extensions would help you optimize your online ad campaigns and also we made sure that everyone has a grasp of the term Ad extensions. So, let’s get started. First of all, how many of you use ad extensions? My guess is, If you already know how an ad is set up and how campaigns are run for maximum ROI (Return on Investment) you already know what an ad extensions is. But, if you are a beginner this article would help you a lot. So just…

start your ppc campaign with us PPC

Start Your Own PPC Campaign With Us

PPC campaign means a campaign where a few selected keywords are used by an Adwords agency and initiated through a Google partner by designing and placing an advertisement with these keywords online. A landing page is designed to be the first point after a person clicks on the advertised PPC button. It is designed to help and inform the clicker to aid him to choose if he wants to investigate your site or buy your product or services. A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be organized to help you attract the most clinically targeted audience to your website. The…