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Sales | win your B2B sales race with these tips

The word Sales for many people seems to be frustrating. While it may be true, but you cannot escape the fact that sales mean business. In other words, If you are looking to do a business you probably mean you are interested in selling. This article is all about how you could increase your B2B sales conversions and win more sales for your business. So, let me walk you through the same.   What makes Jeff benzos the world’s richest person? “Sales” Amazon’s revenue – US$ 232.887 billion (2018) (Source Wikipedia) Yes, so easy Make those figures and now you…

Lead generation and Demand generation Digital Marketing

Demand Generation and Lead Generation in a parallel

Are you running a business? Or let me globalize, If you are an entrepreneur you very well know what I am trying to plug into – “Demand and Lead” In Economics verbiage demand will be simply “The want or desire to procure goods and services” When we crave for something, we definitely tend to search for it, or may even buy it. Which is the best out of two situations? Let’s not make a choice so early In this article, I have explained what is Lead generation and Demand generation and what makes them more of a coincidence and not…