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Social Media Tips for web design SMM

11 social media tips for your web design business

The task of using social media for your web design and development business is not as easy as it seems since you need to invest a lot of efforts and time for developing a powerful social media strategy and then implementing in a consistent manner. It is inevitable for you to harness the strength of social for establishing your company as a trustworthy brand. Here are some tips that might help you in the business of website design and development  – 1-Craft the profile descriptions – It is highly recommended to never underestimate the relevance of your account’s profile section….

LinkedIn Marketing SMM

LinkedIn marketing | Grow your business

We are living in a digital space – a space where millions of people are using social media daily. For instance marketers are using social media to interact with customers through their brands. Most influential brands TCS, Wipro, HCL, Flipkart, Amazon, Oyo, and many others are expanding their reach and business on LinkedIn. Did you know 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencer’s and 40 million are in decision-making positions? 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix. This figure itself is enough to tell the popularity of LinkedIn for digital marketing. If you’re not using…

Instagram Digital Marketing

6 simple steps | Optimize your business on Instagram

If you look at the Internet consumption statistics in India, you would see that Instagram is the high-end contributing factor because, Instagram as a platform provides it all, be it a consumer or a brand. Instagram for business is probably the hottest trend in social media in 2019. The kind of wave Instagram has brought to the online community is remarkable. Indian audience has been positively receptive with the application and the type of entertainment it provides. The idea of talking through the pictures is appreciative and the platform is certainly, an excellent choice to reach out to the audience as…

Trends for Social Media in 2019 Digital Marketing

Social Media Trends to be observed for 2019.

In this blog post, We have specified six important trends that are to be observed before implementing your social media strategy as social media engagements and organic reaches tends to get lower and lower every day and an era of paid ads are on the horizon. But with the advent of technology, these trends would have a significant repercussion that’s for sure It’s being said by Heraclitus- “the only constant in life changes”. And, this statement suits well to the ever-changing social media trends! Just when you’re struggling to take over one social media platform, right then, another one pops…

Social Media Plan 2019 Digital Marketing

Planning to boost your Brands presence on social media? Make sure you get these things right

As a Business, we are always looking for leveraging our presence both on a search engine and social media. Streamlining goals and objectives working out strategies for a plan of action are major determinants of a successful business. So it is important to lay down strategies for each and every step carefully Here we are with the factors that are crucial and to be kept in mind while devising the social media Plan you are looking forward to implementing – Straight out, 1) Make your plan – You need to have a thorough plan for marketing your brand. It is…