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How to monetize your blog Digital Marketing

Blogging | 8 ways to make money out of your blogs

If you populate marketing professionals across the globe, There are chances that 50% of them say content marketing strategy tops the table for them. Blog writing or blogging covers the majority of the content marketing plan. Content that has value for users is always admired and the source is probably visited a lot more times. So why not make them a foundation for generating income This blog post is all about 8 simple ways in which bloggers make money out of their blogs. So, let’s get straight into the funnel 1. Become an expert consultant Creating blogs or informative sources…

Extensions used while running Ads Digital Marketing

With Google Ads extension increase your Ad campaigns conversions

Hello everyone! We are back at it, In this blog, we have explained how ad extensions would help you optimize your online ad campaigns and also we made sure that everyone has a grasp of the term Ad extensions. So, let’s get started. First of all, how many of you use ad extensions? My guess is, If you already know how an ad is set up and how campaigns are run for maximum ROI (Return on Investment) you already know what an ad extensions is. But, if you are a beginner this article would help you a lot. So just…

Lead generation and Demand generation Digital Marketing

Demand Generation and Lead Generation in a parallel

Are you running a business? Or let me globalize, If you are an entrepreneur you very well know what I am trying to plug into – “Demand and Lead” In Economics verbiage demand will be simply “The want or desire to procure goods and services” When we crave for something, we definitely tend to search for it, or may even buy it. Which is the best out of two situations? Let’s not make a choice so early In this article, I have explained what is Lead generation and Demand generation and what makes them more of a coincidence and not…

Google Ads Digital Marketing

Benefits of running Google Ads or PPC Campaigns for your Business

If you are new to online advertising and hesitant about investing in Google Ads, you will find this article valuable. No matter how confusing or scary Ads look like, it is the best way to get instant and transparent results. It is definitely worth your investment. Below mentioned are the benefits of Google Ads – If you are a business in India for best results, hire Google Ads Agency in India and enjoy the benefits. It is faster than SEO: An organized strategy for Google Ads gives faster results than SEO in terms of generating traffic. It helps you focus…

Social Media Plan 2019 Digital Marketing

Planning to boost your Brands presence on social media? Make sure you get these things right

As a Business, we are always looking for leveraging our presence both on a search engine and social media. Streamlining goals and objectives working out strategies for a plan of action are major determinants of a successful business. So it is important to lay down strategies for each and every step carefully Here we are with the factors that are crucial and to be kept in mind while devising the social media Plan you are looking forward to implementing – Straight out, 1) Make your plan – You need to have a thorough plan for marketing your brand. It is…